Okay so Rehl is in fact a made up word, but its my personal made up word. I made it up based off of an article I read in an old issue of Nintendo Power. The article showed a wristband in it with the words "Keep it Rehl: and an NES controller on it. They must not have made too many of those wristbands because I once tried to find/buy it on eBay and couldn't find it at all. Besides that, I used to use the word Rehl back when I had a group called T.N.G.G. "The Nintendo Gamers Group" which I wouldn't mind starting up again. But the fake word Rehl doesn't have a real definition so I made one. The word Rehl is a word I originally developed for an old Gaming Group.

  • "Rehl" pronounced [Reel]. Stands for being real and serious about what you do. 
  • The word Rehl isn't real, It means You respect the title you've made for yourself as a gamer and respect your stuff too. As in : "What you own, What you play, How you play, Who you game with and your own style of gameplay." The term : "Rehl" was taken from an old Nintendo Power magazine and transformed to fit the Nintendo Gamers Group's catch phrase so they could easily be recognized and anyone would know... Things are about to get Rehl!!! When someone calls U a Rehl Gamer, it's not to say that other gamers who game aren't Real, But to say that U respect Gaming and how you Game.
  • "Rehl Gaming" Seriously Respecting Gaming, even if its just a game, considering every aspect of the game.
  •  Although fictional, the word Rehl could also stand for just being passionate about Gaming.
How would you define this fictional word in a Gaming orientated sense, let me know.