Friday, February 27, 2015

Rated M for Mature "Batman Arkham Knight"

Batman Arkham Knight was announced a LONG-Time ago, but it was NEVER announced for WiiU...... Ever since I found out it wasn't coming to WiiU, I've been protesting (without much support) that they release the game on WiiU when it comes out, all previous Batman Arkham games have been rated T for Teen. And according to IGN, This one wasn't intended to be rated any worse than T. But thats just what happened, so not only is it NOT coming out to a console I own but its also being rated M for Mature, which is out of my Gaming area, E through Teen. Honestly, this sucks. I was hoping they'd let us WiiU gamers start and FINISH the Arkham franchise but I guess Rocksteady just isn't even close to Nintendo.
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 I've been getting tons of notifications like-all-over-the-place about this new buying system for the game OlliOlli. OlliOlli is a new skateboarding game for WiiU and 3DS and its been on other consoles before. Its still coming to Nintendo consoles but now when you buy the WiiU version of the game you get the 3DS version of the game FREE !! This is the new Nintendo eShop game buying format which being copied/adapted from the new game Mario VS DK Tipping Stars (not yet released). Hopefully the cross-buying format will be used from here on out (if the games exist on both consoles I mean). This format will literally SAVE you MONEY!! Because you won't have to pay extra for buying the exact same game you just bought on your WiiU for your 3DS, it'll be FREE!! For me, its Awesomtacular to know that the game I buy on the WiiU, I can put also on my 3DS and take it with me everywhere I go. Thats a great selling point.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nintendo's Quality of life - Video game focus

A few things saying Quality Of Life came up in my MANY feeds and past news posts on Face Book from random Gaming pages, soon after last year's E3. But I didn't give it a single thought until just today when my mom showed me a post from a page called Zelda-Informer, saying "Nintendo to remain focused on Video Games." Well for one thing, I was ecstatic to see that Nintendo is staying focused on the Video Game market. (The official article here) In the recent investor Q&A Iwata said that Nintendo plans to stick primarily to games and the Quality of life program won't have a major impact for several years. Af first I thought the Quality of life thing was a bit creepy sounding, but then I looked into it a bit and realized that Nintendo is just slightly trying to expand their market a little bit. The Quality of life devices are all basically health-care type things. I distinctly remember hearing of Nintendo wanting to get so deep into health-care that they put their devices into hospitals. All of that (including Star Fox for WiiU from Mr. Miyamoto) was brought up soon after last years E3. Hopefully this year's E3, we'll get an actual stage presentation and not JUST a digital presentation.  All-in-all, The Quality of life division will apparently not take Nintendo's MAIN focus off of video games and even though Nintendo will be expanding their market a bit... They will stick primarily to gaming and will not go on to follow the norm of mobile gaming. Hey Mobile Gamers out there (I play mobile games too), be happy with the Nintendo Apple covers and just forget about Nintendo making mobile games, because Nintendo's main focus is Video games. "Because its Nintendo!"
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What I've discovered this week.

I've discovered quite a few things this week, aside from a couple Amiibo figures dropping in price. Like Toys R Us is planning to sell custom -made Amiibo figures soon. This isn't very good in terms of Nintendo's profits. When people buy and redo Amiibo figures and Toys R Us sells them, then what percentage of the profits go to Nintendo (The inventors of the product) this whole thing seems a bit offensive to Nintendo. I hope Toys R Us will abandon this plan to re-sell modified Amiibo.

The secondary thing I've discovered this week is

Monday, February 23, 2015

Amiibo dropping in price?

The three Amiibo shown above are apparently dropping in price, from the normal 12.99 to just 9.99 , which is startling news to me. Because this could very well mean that Amiibo figures may drop in price in the future as well. What I mean to say is, as they release more and more Amiibo figures, the older ones could slightly drop in price. This is a very good thing to happen, especially for collectors. This is a pic (to the right) taken from Nintendo's official Amiibo webpage HERE. Official, YES. So this could (As I said before) be the start of older Amiibo price drops. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Updated Text review- Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game where you move out from your parents home and move into a town with untapped potential and are instantly/accidentally appointed Mayor.
I once made a video review for this game, but it turned out to be more 
of an overview than a review. So here is my FULL Text review 
for Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS:

My Favorite Part of this game is the fact that you can earn money (Bells) and upgrade your house. Right now, my house is a castle. But there are a couple different kinds of renovations you can make to the exterior and interior of your virtual home. Mine is like a Mario/Nintendo museum on the first floor and my apartment is on the top floor. You can have up to 3 floors.

What I like most about this game is that it allows you to experience a virtual life and have fun in it, but it doesn't take away from reality. Infact, it constantly reminds you to take breaks and it throws in letters from virtual people to make you remember that you have a real-life to get back too. Still, when life isn't going so great, then you have the perfect time to play Animal Crossing New Leaf and just take it easy for a while...

The Graphics and Gameplay mechanics are pretty smooth and detailed for a handheld console game, but, Graphically speaking, it doesn't come close to that of SSB for 3DS.

Its definitely fun but there are some things that


Some people may say that both Augmented Reality and Virtual reality can co-exist together in harmony and that there's absolutely no-reason why we should pick on or the other... I DISAGREE STRONGLY.

VR (Virtual Reality) is putting you inside a game and letting you experience Gaming inside of Games, while AR (Augmented Reality) is putting Gaming into the real world by looking through an electronic device. I find that putting someone into a virtual world and letting them experience that is alright, but I also think that prolonged VR Activity may result in living your virtual life, more than living reality. See, I think its okay to escape  reality by playing games. But I don't think its okay to make games into your reality and to not actually live. People everywhere say that VR is the next phase in the evolution of gaming. I think that we shouldn't treat gaming like it is our lives, but we should treat it like its a big PART of our lives. I'm not saying Gaming is a waste of time, I'm saying we shouldn't treat games like they are our lives. I'm happy being a gamer, but I don't wan't to live life like Tron.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exclusive to.....

Mario products (other than games) have been removed from WalMart for so long now I was surprised to see the leaked image below. It seems that Nintendo has joined up with Walmart and is going to release its Golden Mario Amiibo EXCLUSIVELY to WalMart. If this is true then I will most definitely get one!! The new Mario Party 10 has revealed things to make it look more appealing to me now, but I sure hope I don't have to buy Mario Party 10 just to get the gold Amiibo. That is probably what everyone will have to do.
Confirmations of this leaked news are everywhere, here it is from My Nintendo News. Hopefully this also means WalMart will get the Super Mario Amiibo line as well as the incredible Gold and
Silver Mario Amiibo. All of this appears to be happening around Easter time........AWESOMTACULAR!
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Amiibo Cards Update


Amiibo Update SSB

The 3DS got an update a while ago to support Amiibo functions and share saved replays/other to people you streetpass who also have SSB for 3DS. I got this update just yesterday, although it has been out for some time, the update was big and long, but in the end it just makes SSB more fun.
The big thing is, the NFC scanner hasn't come out to the original 3DS quite yet. its only on the N3DSXL console. So Amiibo has been added to the 3DS XL, but it won't be usable without an NFC scanner. 

Amiibo Cards

As is shown in the example on the far left of this post, it has been confirmed that Amiibo will be both available as cards and as figures somewhere down the road this year. Which is incredible because those, who can't afford the figures can buy the cards and collectors like me can simply purchase all of their favorite cards. I will be trying to get all Mario Amiibo cards of course. But the coolest part of all this is the possibilities, this could be the beginning of Nintendo adding characters to SSB or other kinds of basic things because its easier to mass-produce cards than it is figures, but don't worry gamers, the figures are still going to be around for a very long time. The figures were the very reason SSB was made so Amiibo will be around for a long time (in my personal opinion) Though I'm very excited to see where this whole CARD thing goes, will it be like Poke'mon or better? My guess is better, but I have no idea really.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines day is this Saturday and Play Nintendo has released some lovely valentines to download and print, as well as a poll to see who your Super Mario franchise valentine is. So far, Mario is winning. All for now, Game On Gamers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The GREAT Flipnote 3D Scam

The Flipnote 3D scam:

Flipnote 3D was released for FREE download just yesterday to ALL Club Nintendo members, some of those members have apparently taken the FREE codes they've gotten and have listed them on eBay. I found out that the old SSB DEMO codes for the 3DS have sold for around $50.00!! Thats a large amount of cash for a simple demo which only allows you to fight with specific characters within 3 minutes. It would have been cheaper just to wait for the pre-order like I did. Well, as you could probably tell, any Flipnote Studio 3D code you see on eBay is real but its a total scam, because you can sign up for Club Nintendo today and get the game free. I'm not saying its wrong for people to sell whats thiers, but when its FREE to everyone then no one should try and make a profit off of it unless its not available anymore, it should be available right now. Of course, this is only my personal opinion.

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The Legend of Zelda NetFlix Show??

Have you heard the rumors?? The like hundreds of rumors that there may be a Legend of Zelda Live action show on Netflix?? I may even watch it myself. I've never been a HUGE fan of the Zelda Franchise, I don't care at all for the spin-offs like Toon Link, Although I do own a Link to the Past and wouldn't mind playing the original Legend of Zelda game. I think the new modern games are a bit darker than the original games and Hyrule Warriors has a few immodest characters. But this new series may be based upon Miyamoto's original Legend of Zelda, a lot of the new Zelda games are primarily made by other people and not primarily Mr. Miyamoto.
What do you think of a Legend of Zelda show coming to Netflix Gamers? And what other Nintendo game franchise do you believe deserves its own show?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The NEW 3DS XL Red edition is sold out for pre-orders at Gamestop
The red one is definitely the one I would like to get but I'm wondering if it will be available by the time my birthday comes around, I've been reassured that by that time, mass marketing should kick in and the NEW 3DS XL should be available for purchase. And I definitely want it. I went to Gamestop just last Saturday and I got to experience the NEW 3DS XL for myself. Although the regular NEW 3DS looks to be more customizable, this upgraded XL seems to be the next big Nintendo handheld. The 3D Face Tracking was the most amazing feature, but the new C-Stick is still very impressive, In most games it appears to be mainly the camera movement control stick.

This console appears to be not only the upgraded 3DS but literally the NEW 3DS, at first I thought it was almost generic of Nintendo to call this console the NEW 3DS but if you'd try the NEW 3DS XL then I'm sure you'd agree that this upgrade is literally NEW and not just an upgrade but a NEW console. Included in this console is the following:
  1. Micro SD Card compatibility
  2. The CStick
  3. L & R Top Buttons 
  4. ZL / ZR Buttons 
  5. Colored Action Buttons, A,B,X,Y Buttons to match the SNES
  6. 3D Face Tracking
  7. & Amiibo Support through the touch screen

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Club Nintendo-FlipNote Studio 3D

After a very long time of waiting, Nintendo has finally given us Flipnote Studio for the 3DS!!

I've been trying to get it all day and I finally got it now, but is officially available on Club Nintendo right now as a FREE gift to anyone who is a member, so if you sign up to Club Nintendo today you can get the app early like all of us Club Nintendo Members. So far this new app looks promising, and its made a lot of people happy too. I've seen comments from people yelling that their soooo happy because they've been waiting forever for this to come out. I'm happy too.

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New Amiibo

With the launch sucess of Nintendo's Amiibo, Nintendo has decided to give us a new Amiibo Line. If you look on the back of the SSB Amiibo packaging then you'll notice a Mario in the shape of the upcoming Mario Amiibo figure in the new Super Mario Amiibo set. So this was planned from the very start of Amiibo. Except they've thrown in another twist, most Gamers have already heard of this but Nintendo will soon release a Gold and a Silver Mario Amiibo figure. This is of course AKA: Gold and Metal Mario from NSMB2 and Super Mario 64. I do plan to get these after they come out, but will these be limited, will this be more expensive than the average Amiibo, Will I get trampled trying to buy them!?

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Tetris issues

Tetris is not available in the Nintendo EShop at this time, although a modern version might be, the original Tetris is not.

For some odd reason (unknown to me), Nintendo has been having some issues with Tetris lately, I'm not sure what the problem is, something about copyrights or somthing like that. Most of what I've found is about Tetris Clones being removed from the Eshop but now the original Game Boy Tetris Game is not available for purchase or download on the Eshop either. I think a more modern Tetris is still available, but I think the original Tetris has a bit more sentimental value.

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Honorable Mention!?

Everyone thought for a while that Nintendo was going downhill, but Nintendo proved everyone wrong again. Nintendo brought us Amiibo and the New 3DS and various other products throughout the past year and into this year. Nintendo's not done yet, they've never failed to impress me. Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS was an Awesomtacular game, When I heard of the Game Developer awards just today, I was sure Nintendo would win a couple awards for their amazing come back, But then I saw this award section here:

If you look at the very bottom and VERY END of this section you'll spot SSB for WiiU. This is remarkable because SSB did great with sales and ratings/reviews world-wide. I do believe this game alone deserves much more than an honorable mention and its not just because I'm a Nintendo fan.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Interesting Speed test of the NEW 3DS XL

I found this Speed test at Nintendo enthusiast. the difference in speed is truly impressive.

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Caught and punished

It looks like Nintendo caught on to somebodys hacking of their 3DS family line of handhelds.

In the latest system update info for the 3DS family line of handheld consoles, Nintendo mentions that connecting the 3DS to an unauthorized device of any ki9nd from the moment of the update and onward will possible prevent playing with the console any longer! WoW, This can only mean that Nintendo discovered some people were using unauthorized devices somehow with their 3DS consoles and decided it should be prevented. Although the update says other small changes were made with the update, I think that was the primary reason the update was even made. The update info says at the very beginning that "Your Nintendo 3DS system and software are not designed for use with any unauthorized device and/or any unauthorized software."
The update info is located here.
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Nintendos mysteriously Lengthy Social Media Survey

(My Nintendo News) (Nintendo News)

Nintendo recently released a lengthy Survey, Which asked people how they could improve their own Social Media profiles. I took the survey and answered the questions the best I could. But then I found it was giving me really interesting questions which lead me to believe Nintendo is up to something. Included in the survey was the question "If Nintendo made an ongoing series, would you watch it?" And "If Nintendo were to make a series would you like it to be Animated, Live Action or OTHER" I said "Yes, Animated."

Now, one of this confirms anything but I think its safe to say that Nintendo may be thinking of making an ongoing series of some kind. They also didn't specify what platform they'd be releasing it on if it were to be made or what the series would be about. But they also asked "Which is your favorite Amiibo" and "Who is your favorite Nintendo Character?" This could mean their trying to either hide the fact their making some form of a series or show, or it could mean that their thinking of making it about a particular character and they haven't decided which one to make it about quite yet. I'd say Mario, but I don't know who'd they have incharge of the show and they might make it the wrong way.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Club Nintendo Month

Although not an official celebration, I've personally dubbed February Club Nintendo Month so that the original Nintendo rewards service is always remembered. I don't have a lot to say right now, except that Nintendo has now released their final prizes on right now. So if you want the last bit of prizes you could ever receive from this service then I suggest you order them now.

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