Thursday, September 24, 2015

My 7th GC anniversary

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

The term GC (to me) is Gamer & Collector, I use it to simplify the title of Mario & Nintendo collector and Nintendo Gamer but it really just means that Both play video games and collect video game merchandise. Today is September 24th 2015. Yesterday I turned 18 and Nintendo turned 126. During my second year of blogging I found out that I actually share my birthday with the company Nintendo. That fact now only makes me more eager to support the company with my blog, I'll even blog about games I don't play myself just to give Nintendo the publicity. But enough about that, I got some awesomtacular collectibles and my GameStop informant snagged me up some cool promo items as well. The night before the 23rd I was invited out to visit my amiibo informant (ZatMan) and he made the first EVER donation to my collection (museum).

ZatMan's Donation
ZatMan's Donation
I will not be seperating any of my collectibles into groups when making the coming collection update, there were things I bought, things that were given to me while I was out and stuff I got for my birthday so this collection update will obviously have too much within it to be categorized. The collection update will be on my Facebook album and some pictures will be on my Instagram account. Besides all of this I got Mario Party 10 and the New 3DSXL console.