Wednesday, September 16, 2015

XBox boss twitter reply

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
An XBox boss has made an unoffensive statement about Nintendo's new president and everyone must be thrilled because for some reason XBox is the biggest thing right now... Well, this blog isn't very biased or anything (YEAH RIGHT), but honestly, when asked about Nintendo's new president this guy didn't say very much:
I know that it's nice to have a bit of peace between developers but you know just as well as I that the fight for product sales dominion over the market trumps kind words. It is nice that he however acknowledge Nintendo for being a great video game/ console developer "Nintendo is great gaming with amazing track record", and that he wished the president well. But in overall all he did was say "I don't know him." If you see this as me just being a jerk and ignoring the man saying "Hope he does well in the future" then you're completely missing the point of this blog post. It appears to me that this  Phil Spencer was merely trying to save face and avoid a social argument between the Nintendo fans and XBox clans. We already have plenty of those and we don't need anymore. So in retrospect, this guy made a good call and said "I don't know him" in the most polite way possible to fan who possibly wanted to start a fight with Nintendo fans. If you don't see it that way then just read over the post he replied to and think about what he might have really wanted to do with his question. I mean no offense to you XBox fans, Game on and Keep it Rehl!