Monday, September 21, 2015

GameStop selling RETRO stuff

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Anybody else get an email from GameStop today? NO? Well check your inbox because this just came to me (9/21/2015). This email is both an ad for THINKGEEK and GameStop, either the THINKGEEK ad is just a promo or they've partnered up with them. But that's not the surprising news in this newsletter. GameStop is now (once again) selling Retro Classic games for the NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast. This is startlingly shockingly amazing news, GameStop hasn't sold Retro stuff in years!! I'm not sure if the retro games will be available in stores though, the email said "SHOP ONLINE NOW". Sorry to say it might be that you can't just walk into GameStop and pick up a cartridge of Legend of Zelda for the NES, but rather that you have to order it online.
 Game on and Keep it Rehl!