Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEW SSB content, 1 Million units SMM sold!

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

It's been reported by Nintendo themselves on Facebook today that Super Mario Maker has sold over 1 million units total. This news is awesomtacular, the game is brilliant and has been 2nd on the UK sales charts for weeks up until a few days ago.

Thanks to you, Super Mario Maker has sold more than one million units worldwide!
Posted by Nintendo on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ALSO, released today for SSB is the "Super Mario Maker Stage" The stage announced a little while ago is now available for purchase on 3DS and Wii U. On a side note, new Monster Hunter Mii Fighter costumes are also available for SSB. On the SSB shop it says "One Stage, infinite ways to play!" You can buy the stage for both Wii U and 3DS for a little over $3.00 in a bundled package.
Released today beside the stage is a "Mii Fighter Costumes Bundle #4" that includes:

  • Business Suit
  • Toad Set
  • Fox Set
  • Captain Falcon's Outfit

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Miiverse sweepstakes

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Nook needs blueprints

Nintendo is holding yet another Miiverse giveaway, this one is for the newly released game "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer", the unofficial sequel game to New Leaf. You can win a digital version of the Happy Home Designer game for the 3DS by submitting your fan art to their contest community. ALL the rest of the info is listed below for details. Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Nintendo 3DS selects

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

"The 3DS is going on five years running and it is finally getting additions to the Nintendo Selects line, Nintendo of Europe announced. Six of them."
Looks like the Nintendo 3DS is finally getting a discounted game series, the Nintendo Selects line that's previously come to the Wii. So far it's getting six games including, "The Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds", "Nintendogs + Cats", "Star Fox 64 3D", "Mario Tennis Open", "Yoshi's New Island" & "Mario Party Island Tour". Not a huge or GREAT selection, but far from being horrible. I'm looking to buy at least two games in this list personally, and this is great for those who couldn't afford ALL the games before. Sadly, it looks as if this discounted line is currently only in Europe on October 16th.

"28th September, 2015 – Nintendo Selects is a range of popular Nintendo games offered at great value. Whether you want to discover a game you may have missed the first time around or simply just get a great deal ahead of Christmas, the Nintendo Selects range offers varied gaming experiences at a value offering. With over 20 classic Wii titles already available to enjoy as part of the Nintendo Selects range for Wii and Wii U*, that line-up is set to expand and get even bigger on 16th October when Nintendo 3DS games, playable on Nintendo 3DS family systems including Nintendo 2DS, join the Nintendo Selects range for the very first time."
. Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

New 3DS Plates

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

The New 3DS (regular sized) now in North america via the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle released yesterday with the game, now has NEW cover plates listed on Nintendo's online store. If you want a different design besides the generic Happy Home Designer one that comes with the bundle then head on over to their store right now where they have a super Mario design , a Zelda design, a K. K. Slider design and a Pikachu one as well.

SOURCE: Nintendo

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Miyamoto on Nintendo Movies

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

regarding the making of films, Miyamoto says: "Nintendo does not have anything in the works, but that the company is “definitely interested and open to it.”~Miyamoto on MTV
Although asked about putting together films before with Nintendo acknowledging their plans to branch out, Miyamoto himself explains to MTV that they do not have anything currently being made.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Unboxing Bowser Jr and 8bit Classic Color Mario amiibo figures

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

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Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

A few things have popped up in my feed today from including (but not limited to) Walmart renaming their Wii U listing as just "Nintendo", The Japanese messaging app LINE now has Animal crossing emoji (which means Nintendo listens well to their fans and is branching out upon request) and finally... Someone hacked into SMM (Super Mario Maker, because no game can be left un-hacked) and discovered an unused sprite file for the Angry Sun in SMB3. But who knows, maybe if you wait a while an update will be made that makes that unused space available. I honestly have no idea what they plan to do with it but apparently after the game was data mined, this was found and has caused a ton of spamming by multiple people sharing the same news in multiple locations across the world-wide web..

Source: My Nintendo News
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My 7th GC anniversary

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

The term GC (to me) is Gamer & Collector, I use it to simplify the title of Mario & Nintendo collector and Nintendo Gamer but it really just means that Both play video games and collect video game merchandise. Today is September 24th 2015. Yesterday I turned 18 and Nintendo turned 126. During my second year of blogging I found out that I actually share my birthday with the company Nintendo. That fact now only makes me more eager to support the company with my blog, I'll even blog about games I don't play myself just to give Nintendo the publicity. But enough about that, I got some awesomtacular collectibles and my GameStop informant snagged me up some cool promo items as well. The night before the 23rd I was invited out to visit my amiibo informant (ZatMan) and he made the first EVER donation to my collection (museum).

ZatMan's Donation
ZatMan's Donation
I will not be seperating any of my collectibles into groups when making the coming collection update, there were things I bought, things that were given to me while I was out and stuff I got for my birthday so this collection update will obviously have too much within it to be categorized. The collection update will be on my Facebook album and some pictures will be on my Instagram account. Besides all of this I got Mario Party 10 and the New 3DSXL console.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
The Glitch I found today in Super Mario Maker isn't anything spectacular but here it is:


This is a glitch I found in Super Mario Maker's edit mode, normally when placing Mario underground the game will place Mario above ground when you hit "play". apparently that's not the case when Mario's placed deep enough underground.
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GameStop selling RETRO stuff

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Anybody else get an email from GameStop today? NO? Well check your inbox because this just came to me (9/21/2015). This email is both an ad for THINKGEEK and GameStop, either the THINKGEEK ad is just a promo or they've partnered up with them. But that's not the surprising news in this newsletter. GameStop is now (once again) selling Retro Classic games for the NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast. This is startlingly shockingly amazing news, GameStop hasn't sold Retro stuff in years!! I'm not sure if the retro games will be available in stores though, the email said "SHOP ONLINE NOW". Sorry to say it might be that you can't just walk into GameStop and pick up a cartridge of Legend of Zelda for the NES, but rather that you have to order it online.
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Unreal Legend of Zelda OOT

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
It's another person's attempt at remodeling a level from a Nintendo game in Unreal Engine 4

Although it looks almost breathtaking and similar to the Kakariko Village, the game when finished will probably be treated just like the Super mario 64 remake was, it'll be taken down and built for nothing. So why do people keep making things like this with no reward?? I believe they may just desire the challenge. Perhaps if they actually took their plans to Nintendo somehow they might be able to work out a deal, but sadly a copyright is a copyright and Nintendo are the copyright holders...
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Invincibillity glitch discovered in Super Mario Maker

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
I've just today discovered my own glitch in Super Mario Maker but this is not the glitch I discovered, this is from Game explain and this shows you how to become invincible without a star.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

NX patent leaks

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

What is with all of these patent leaks lately, they seem to be coming out of nowhere now and one even claimed that Nintendo filed a patent for a touchscreen to give you the feeling of touching something. In all honestly, these leaks are found all around the same time and there's no proof or link the image origins, there's no way to say these are real and not fakes at this time, stay tuned to
AR-Cade "The Nintendo Guy" for updates.
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Dr. Mario amiibo unboxing

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Super Mario Warp Pipe Planter

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
jasonbuckner over on uploaded this how-to guide for making 3D Warp Pipe planter with a 3D printer yesterday. This was a very awesomtacular idea considering the recent release of Super Mario Maker and the recent 30th anniversary. Just a neat find I decided to share, check out the guide they've got over there and if you've got a 3D printer this would sell great on eBay.

"This is a Super Mario Warp Tube planter and Brick Trays. I created two different trays: one with a base and one with an open hole that you can add your own tray.
Designed in Sketchup."
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Happy Home designer cards

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
GameStop stocks for Animal Crossing HHD (Happy Home Designer) cards seem good according to amiibo Alerts on Twitter.

Except we do not have a location on the store inventory that was checked or a source of the image. So best guess is that the image was taken by amiibo alerts and the location was simply not provided. However, the post showed in the picture a release date for the cards they will be out the same day as the Happy Home Designer game September 25th 2015.
 Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Pikmin 4

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Some news I apparently missed, back on the ninth of this month (September 2015) released some epic information. Miyamoto had an interview with them in July and spoke on making a Pikmin four game. Even saying that it was nearly done,
*Speaking during an interview held back in July, Nintendo's top designer revealed that work on a fourth major Pikmin game was well underway.

"It's actually very close to completion," Miyamoto said. "Pikmin teams are always working on the next one."*

We don't know if this will be released for Wii U, the NX or any other Nintendo console all we have really is Mr. Miyamoto's word.
 "We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present."~Miyamoto
For the last sequel we waited decades, however this sequel may come much faster.

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Star Fox Zero Christmas release in 2015

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Sad to say Star Fox Zero's release will be delayed until spring 2016 for quality improvement.

"[Announcement] is the Wii U software that had been scheduled to be released in 2015 "Star Fox zero," but, for further quality improvement, we have decided to postpone the release date in 2016 spring. Sorry to customers are our wait for the release, but thank you for your understanding."~Translation of post

This is rather disappointing but you know that with this delay Nintendo will work hard at making the game great. It being released now in 2016 says the Wii U won't be dropped so soon, we can be sure Nintendo will keep the console going as long as possible and the quality of this game will be even better than it looked from E3 2015.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Skylanders Super Chargers available for Wii U

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Now available to download, it's Skylanders Superchargers on the Wii U eShop. You know the game that has specific Bowser and DK amiibo that work with it and lets you race with Skylanders and vehicles. Notice for this version of the game you will need to either have a portal or go and buy a portal because downloads don't come with physical stuff... SORRY.
Kick your adventure into overdrive! The Skylanders SuperChargers Portal Owner’s Pack includes the full video game, works with any Portal of Power from the Skylanders series and includes digital versions of the Instant Spitfire and Instant Hot Streak. Expand your game-play experience with more than 40 Skylanders and vehicles to collect, and embark on epic adventures over land, under sea and through the sky.Skylanders Superchargers will be available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U on Sept. 20. Click here to watch a trailer. (Note: A Portal of Power is required to play, sold separately.)~Nintendo PR
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Charles and Super Mario Maker

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Charles Martinet's birthday is today. oddly enough it's only six days away from my own birthday. Either way Charles (The Voice of Mario & Luigi and many others) turns 60 years old today. Miyamoto (the creator of SMB) is two years older than him but that's only a side note.

Another milestone reached today was that Super Mario Maker has over one million courses shared worldwide, The game was released just last week and has already made great progress. It ended up on 2nd in sales for the UK and seems to have multiple fan sites for sharing courses that have been made.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

XBox boss twitter reply

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
An XBox boss has made an unoffensive statement about Nintendo's new president and everyone must be thrilled because for some reason XBox is the biggest thing right now... Well, this blog isn't very biased or anything (YEAH RIGHT), but honestly, when asked about Nintendo's new president this guy didn't say very much:
I know that it's nice to have a bit of peace between developers but you know just as well as I that the fight for product sales dominion over the market trumps kind words. It is nice that he however acknowledge Nintendo for being a great video game/ console developer "Nintendo is great gaming with amazing track record", and that he wished the president well. But in overall all he did was say "I don't know him." If you see this as me just being a jerk and ignoring the man saying "Hope he does well in the future" then you're completely missing the point of this blog post. It appears to me that this  Phil Spencer was merely trying to save face and avoid a social argument between the Nintendo fans and XBox clans. We already have plenty of those and we don't need anymore. So in retrospect, this guy made a good call and said "I don't know him" in the most polite way possible to fan who possibly wanted to start a fight with Nintendo fans. If you don't see it that way then just read over the post he replied to and think about what he might have really wanted to do with his question. I mean no offense to you XBox fans, Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Google's SMB 30th Easter Egg

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

Gif of Easter Egg in action
 Super Mario's 30th anniversary took place on the 13th of this month (2015) to honor the anniversary, Google planted a ? Block right beside the Super Mario Bros game description in their search results. just search "Super Mario Bros" and at the far right of the search results you can click the ? Block and eventually even gain over 100 coins and a free 1 up. I know this news is a tad old but news is slow today 9/16/2015 and this is kind of neat of Google to have done this in honor of this game's history and how it has impacted our culture.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super Mario Maker in SSB!?

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
The following video found on YouTube is an official Nintendo video stating at a new level will be available for SSB on September 30th (2015) of this year. The level is a Super Mario Maker level and it apparently changes every time it's played on...

Nintendo, this level was ingenious, and the way the hand comes in and fixes stuff was clever too. It's just another reason to play SSB, there are so many reasons now. Hopefully this level will be free, I didn't see a price but it probably wont be so be prepared to put out a few bucks for this level on the 30th if you can.
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mr. President

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
Tatsumi Kimishima was announced today as the new President of Nintendo of America. This is actually good news because this man knew Iwata personally and although we don't know if he will keep the company the way Iwata would've wanted it, he knew Iwata and would probably not desire to ruin what Iwata has already done. Nintendo has not released anything in their Press Room site for this quite yet...But the document of his promotion was released today. One of my biggest concerns for the next chosen Nintendo president was if they would ruin Nintendo or keep it the way Iwata had it set already. I'm not sure about him yet but it seems he may do things correctly. We'll just have to wait and see...
source: gameatsu

UPDATE: At a press conference today in Osaka, Kimishima is quoted by Nikkei as saying, “There will be no change in President Iwata’s fundamental objectives and strategies.”
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

DISNEY's Splatoon

Hey Nintendo Fanatics! From the literal look of things it appears that rumor a while back that Nintendo and Disney were partnering up was false because the competition is still full throttle, in Disney Infinity now they're having competitions to cover more ground just as you would in Splatoon. Also, in their own words they're calling them turf wars. I know people steal ideas from Nintendo all the time but this company is going too far. 
"One of Disney’s downloadable creations for Infinity 3.0 is a paint turf war mini-game called “Squid Wars”. It’s far from perfect, but isn’t it oh-so-adorable that they tried?"~Mike Fahey from Kotaku magazine
according to a Twitter post from the creators of the game, THEY actually made it AND named it Squid wars!! This is flat-out a copy of Splatoon! Just read the post for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Super Mario Maker

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!
Just an update, the Super Mario Maker game has been released today for Wii U. 9/11/15.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Miyamoto Hoax

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

OK so, Nintendo of Europe put out a video today for the release of SMM (Super Mario Maker) tomorrow (9/10/15) featuring Mr. Miyamoto answering myths about Super Mario Bros.
At first it was just your average Q&A with Miyamoto shaking his head YES or NO to every written question. However towars the end when asked "Do you know who Bowser JR.'s mother is?" he nodded and jokingly pointed to himself. This video was somewhat educational but also somewhat of just a simple promotional stunt for the game's release tomorrow.
 Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hey Nintendo Fanatics! Look what came in the mail for me today:

Back to school NEVER!!! Never without Nintendo

Hey Nintendo Fanatics!,

Play Nintendo has some new printable "Back to school" items for your Nintendo crazed children available free at this very moment. You can download The Backpack tags you see above or lunchbox stickers. Both let anyone who finds them know who the product their on belongs to (obviously). Another thing that's available is a poll to see what kind of Super Mario Maker level your teacher would make. Finally there is also a "Back to school" Yoshi's Woolly World Poll. Go have some fun.
Source: Play Nintendo
Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hey Nintendo Fanatics!

If you live in the UK and pre-ordered Super Maker from GAME then you're pretty unlucky, apparently the Video Game store chain in the UK accidentally overcharged everyone on their pre-orders somehow. Some of them can end up paying over $361.35 in United states currency. Game apologized for this on Twitter a few times and claimed that this would be resolved in under 24 hours. According to My Nintendo News, some have been over charged 7 times for their one order of the game. That's a lot of money people, this may be a serious problem in the UK right now.
 Sorry about all this UK, hope it all works out, Game on and Keep it Rehl!

New Wii U configuration (MK8)

Hey Nintendo Fanatics,

Apparently Nintendo's new plan to keep the Wii U going longer is to make more bundles, the newest bundle announced is a new Mario Kart 8 bundle which includes the game pre-installed and a card (most-likely a card with a code for download) for all existing DLC at this time FREE to add to your game. The bundle will be 299.99 in US Dollars.

"A new ongoing configuration of the Wii U console that includes a pre-installed version of the Mario Kart 8 game as well as a Nintendo eShop download card for the two Mario Kart 8 DLC packs is now on sale in retail stores across the country. The console is available at a suggested retail price of $299.99."~Nintendo PR
 After this announcement Nintendo PR went on to talk more about how Super Mario Maker will be out this Friday (9/11/15)
"Later this week, on the 11th of September, Nintendo will launch Super Mario Maker for Wii U. Using the Wii U GamePad controller, players can quickly and easily create their own original Super Mario Bros. levels using items, enemies, graphical styles and even power-ups from four classic Mario games. These levels can be easily uploaded online to share with players all over the world. Game concepts that were never possible before in a Super Mario Bros. game are now possible in Super Mario Maker – and players are in control of it all."
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Target's special Rubix cube

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Target's making a big deal out of the SMB 30th anniversary (as they should) and they've already provided extra incentive to buy the game through them, with purchase of the game you get a free Super Mario Maker Puzzle cube/Rubix cube style toy. It seems some Scalpers have already gotten the puzzle cube and have listed them on eBay with prices ranging from 13.99 (with shipping) to 15.99 or more (Free shipping). So the cube would be a collectors item with at least a 17 dollar value on it, getting it FREE would be incredible, of course this price is just my personal estimate.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Hyrule 3DS XL

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Everyone knows by now that the REGULAR sized New 3DS will be out with AC Happy Home Designer on the 25th of September 2015, but announced on the same day (9/1/2015) is the gold colored Zelda themed New 3DS XL console coming out on October 30th 2015 according to GameStop. Just like any other New 3DS system, it doesn't come with an AC adapter so that will have to be purchased separately if you don't already own one. The console is listed for $199.99 and Nintendo PR has stated that it will be exclusive to GameStop but for some reason spoke of it as "Hyrule Edition" while GameStop has listed it as "Hyrule Gold Edition". This has some people wondering why one would be titled with the word gold and one wouldn't be. Perhaps this is to say there will be other editions in the future of the Hyrule theme like a "Hyrule Silver Edition."

Game on and Keep it Rehl!