Monday, August 31, 2015

Modern color 8bit Mario amiibo bundle problems

The Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle is available on Walmart's site for pre-order and will ship out orders on September 11th when the game is released. This particular bundle is the one which has both the game and the Modern colored 8bit SMB 30th anniversary amiibo with the Wii U console, quite the deal unless...
You may have to buy the console in order to get the modern colored amiibo. My amiibo expert has informed me that until further notice, this may be the only way to get the modern colored version of this awesomtacular looking amiibo figure.

 Except now there has been found leaked information concerning this amiibo, apparently a Canadian Walmart employee shared a planogram that says the modern colored 8bit Mario amiibo will be set out on the rack at Walmart separate from the bundle so it may not be exclusively released in the bundle but may be exclusive to Walmart. If it will only be released at Walmart then at least it's going to be released by it'self at all. Walmart also lists the bundle as "ONLY AT WALMART" so the bundle will be exclusive as well.
I love the box's artwork
Source(s): MCV, Walmart
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