Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Miiverse redesign specs

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

It's been a little while since the Miiverse redesign was done, I just yesterday (8/4/15) went on to experience the changes made for myself. Although it is no longer a place to simply chat, it has become something much better than a chat room (IMO). I believe I can use what I've learned of the redesigning to help out those who now are upset with the way Miiverse has become. It seems (1st of all) we have the new "Play Journal", the Play Journal is rather specific, you can only make posts to it when a game is being played and paused to make an entry in that journal, however the new "Screenshot Album" is handy for when you'd rather save an image and make a post later. You can't add anything to either your "Play Journal" or your "Screenshot Album" unless you are connected to the internet, but you can still save up to three posts on the 3DS to upload later when you have no internet access. You can save up to 100 screenshots in the new "Screenshot Album", I suspect that some of the screenshots will become rather useless over time so eventually you can just delete some to make more space. The limits for posting (only around 30 posts a day) was another problem, this seems to be less of a problem to me now that they've practically eliminated the ability to post things which do not relate to the game you are playing currently. What I mean is, you cannot make a post with JUST text anymore, it'll always be connected to the game paused before going onto Miiverse, so whether or not it has a screenshot attached, it'll still be regarding the game. What's cool about this, is I believe that every post made in the Play Journal is linked to the Game's relating community, it'll show up both in your personal journal and in that game's community. I know, Miiverse had become a Gamers social network and You can still have discussions and make drawing posts regarding games, but now all things posted to Miiverse must relate to games. It is now what Nintendo originally intended it to be, not a social network, but a place to share gaming content relating to their games and more.
Game on and Keep it Rehl!