Monday, August 24, 2015

MEGA Yarn Yoshi

It's Bigger, it's badder and it's predecessor hasn't even been released yet.

"Mega Yarn Yoshi is, hands down, the best amiibo to cuddle with. The larger-than-life figure launches in stores on Nov. 15 and is compatible with multiple games."~Nintendo on FB
It's MEGA Yarn Yoshi and it'll be out Nov. 15th, the month after the release of the game so don't worry about not having the game before the amiibo. This is now the biggest amiibo in production, surpassing the size of the SMB 30th anniversary amiibo. And, as if the little one's weren't already cool enough, this is like a full size plush character that works as an amiibo, just like the lil' ones this one's made of yarn. I'm not entirely sure but it looks like the amiibo may make Yoshi gigantic in the game, judging by the picture shown above, this of course is not proven so... We'll know later on I suppose.
Game on and Keep it Rehl!