Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Nintendo Cross? Leaked NX Trailer (Rumor)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Yeah I don't see this happening, at least not like this, or with that name... Cross? Seriously, ridiculous, and the new controller wasn't given a name either. This post is not a rant, it is my in-depth look at the fake video uploaded to YouTube recently which has the Gaming world saying "Is it real? Is it Fake? what is it!?" So, I looked through the YouTube comments and saw if anyone picked up on anything suggesting that this console trailer was real, and then I also saw a few things suggesting this could be fake.

The video recording of the trailer seems to have either been taken at/around a stage or filmed in front of a flat screen TV. Another thing, the video has been shared a couple times on YouTube, in a couple different ways, this one seems to have Iwata speaking in Japanese before the trailer is played, and in the description of this video, it says that this trailer was used for Partners & Publishers, it was supposedly played behind closed doors at E3 2015. Yet this is the first we heard of it, how did someone sneak into the room to record this video, and why hasn't it been taken offline yet? Normally when something from Nintendo is leaked online and is true/correct information, the video/videos/images or other, are taken offline to keep the new releases a surprise. In the comments section, people mentioned how they noticed the video started out Japanese on screen and then instantly switched over to English writing. The switch doesn't make any sense, why start off in the one language then switch over as the product is introduced? If the trailer was only mean't to be shown to Partners and Publishers then the language switch would have no purpose. All parts of this supposed trailer leak for the NX console make absolutely no sense to me, so I'm labeling this a FAKE until further notice. But you never know, within a year (The video says the new console will be released in 2017) I could be proven wrong. The video seems to be some fan's hopes for a new console, rather than an actual trailer.                                                         Game on and Keep it Rehl!