Friday, July 31, 2015

Game Boy Month 2015

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Over on Facebook I made a post series I called: The "#12DaysOfGameBoyMonth), which commemorated the last 12 days which remained for Game Boy Month 2015. I made up the Game Boy Month celebration because I discovered that the Game Boy was first released today (7/31/1989) back in 1989. I think we should remember how we got the 3DS family of consoles in the first place, it all started with the making of the Game Boy. After the Game Boy, eventually came the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy was sent out into the market early so that Nintendo could focus on the Nintendo 64, although that really wasn't a bad move, the console wasn't widely accepted and didn't do well in sales. However, it is now a collectors item and 16 years after its making we see that it provided the building blocks for an amazing, portable 3D device, the 3DS. Without the Game Boy, the 3DS may not have been made at all, because... 1) It was Nintendo's 1st portable game console (excluding Game & Watch). And 2) The same man who made the Virtual Boy made the Game Boy (Mr. Gunpei Yokoi). The Game Boy's simple design, fun games, being bundled with Tetris for convince and it beating the superior console competition in sales impacted Gaming history greatly and essentially gave future Nintendo game console designers a place to start with when designing.

My history lesson on the Game Boy:
Game on and Keep it Rehl!