Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Club Nintendo DONE

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Yes, Club Nintendo being discontinued has been known of for quite some time now, that isn't news, but today starts the month where the new Nintendo year would've started and we'd be working towards our elite status for the next year. Today is the day Club Nintendo ended 7/1/2015. The picture above is from the Club Nintendo website, it encourages us slightly by saying we will get a new loyalty program. In the picture you may notice something a bit odd, Mario is depressed that the program is now discontinued while a Toad is smiling and happy, waving to us from behind Mario. It's a cute picture and a very nice message to the loyal Nintendo fans everywhere, The Toad could be photo bombing but the point is, The program is over. Oddly enough, I called in to Nintendo and asked when we'd be getting the physical products we ordered from Club Nintendo before the discontinuation and found out that we'd be getting them during Summer, currently it IS summer so I have no idea when we'll be getting the prizes, all I know is that its sometime in Summer, and I still don't have my calendar yet.
Source: Nintendo's FAQ                                                                Game on and Keep it Rehl!