Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BIG CHANGES to Miiverse

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Miiverse is getting a redesign, well, its more like an upgrade. Now, each user will have their own photo album for their profile and get their own gaming journals, capable of being updated as they make progress in games. This new feature gives people the opportunity to share progress as it happens in their games. Like an actual journal but focused on games and for public view.

"Miiverse is getting a redesign to make communicating about the games you're playing more enjoyable than ever! Take a look at these new features."~Miiverse Guide: Tom

Other than the journal and photo album additions, it doesn't seem to have many more improvements, maybe when its done it'll look different or something, but otherwise it seems to be the same Miiverse it was yesterday. The redesign isn't finished right now, but the site does say it will be happening during THIS (2015) Summer. So, we should be getting the redesigned Miiverse soon. Something you may not have noticed, at the bottom of the header on the website, they have written " Please note that features may be changed." So don't expect to see exactly what is shown on the Miiverse site when the redesign is finished and released.
Source: Miiverse                                                                                         Game on and Keep it Rehl!