Friday, July 31, 2015

New SSB DLC 7/31/15

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
This new DLC has been rumored for a little while and now, Nintendo's Smash Bros site has officially confirmed that the 3rd wave of Mii Fighters costumes is now available for purchase and download. 
Just IMO, but I think personally that Nintendo may be overdoing the Mii Fighter costumes a tad, and why hasn't their been a Mario, Luigi, Wario & Waluigi overalls costume set yet? That needs to happen. But that's besides the topic, Nintendo has released new Mii Fighters costumes today.

Just to name a couple of them, there's a Bear suit, an SSB hoodie, a King K. Rool suit, a Flying Man suit and a Samus suit. The one that strikes me as truly odd is the bear suit.

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Game Boy Month 2015

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Over on Facebook I made a post series I called: The "#12DaysOfGameBoyMonth), which commemorated the last 12 days which remained for Game Boy Month 2015. I made up the Game Boy Month celebration because I discovered that the Game Boy was first released today (7/31/1989) back in 1989. I think we should remember how we got the 3DS family of consoles in the first place, it all started with the making of the Game Boy. After the Game Boy, eventually came the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy was sent out into the market early so that Nintendo could focus on the Nintendo 64, although that really wasn't a bad move, the console wasn't widely accepted and didn't do well in sales. However, it is now a collectors item and 16 years after its making we see that it provided the building blocks for an amazing, portable 3D device, the 3DS. Without the Game Boy, the 3DS may not have been made at all, because... 1) It was Nintendo's 1st portable game console (excluding Game & Watch). And 2) The same man who made the Virtual Boy made the Game Boy (Mr. Gunpei Yokoi). The Game Boy's simple design, fun games, being bundled with Tetris for convince and it beating the superior console competition in sales impacted Gaming history greatly and essentially gave future Nintendo game console designers a place to start with when designing.

NFC 3DS Scanner not region locked

Play Asia has lied!

According to My Nintendo News, Someone (chelsea @PKMNtrainrChels on Twitter) has discovered that the company "Play Asia" who claimed that the new NFC scanner (not yet released in North America) will be region locked, has lied. When something is region locked, the devices/accessories made for those regions will not work for devices outside of those regions. Chelsea has discovered that the Japanese released model of the 3DS NFC scanner accessory can work with the U.S. 3DS console.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

And the Winners are

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Super Mario Maker's Facebook hackathon is now over, the winners have been declared, it is... The Facebook R&D Division, they'll get the chance to add their team's level to the game after the game's launch. Personally, I believe this is fantastic for the game, because having a unique level designed by Facebook employees adds a new fun to a game that already looked appealing to many, including myself. Hopefully they'll be releasing more details (like a video) of the hackathon Facebook event as we approach September 13th, 1985 (the anniversary of SMB)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Animal Crossing AU Bundles

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

"To celebrate the launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on 3rd October, Nintendo Australia is launching a range of new products - including an all-new hardware bundle - to give fans of the series and new players alike a variety of options to enjoy a one-of-a-kind handheld gaming experience that only Nintendo offers."~Nintendo AU news

Splatoon Update

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
A new update for Splatoon will be released August 5th 2015, adding both "Squad Battle" and "Private Battle" modes to the game. These modes are online modes, so playing with each other at home is still barely an option. But these two new options for Turf Wars do allow more ways to customize battles to your liking.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Facebook's Super Mario Maker Challenge

To celebrate the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker, Nintendo is partnering with Facebook to create a special level...

If you could not read the embedded post above, this is what it says:
"To celebrate the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker, Nintendo is partnering with Facebook to create a special level that will be available after launch! Facebook employees will compete against each with an opportunity for the winner to make the level they created available for everyone to play after the game’s launch! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for behind-the-scenes video footage of the competition!"~Nintendo on Facebook
Nintendo will be celebrating the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker (Sept. 11, 2015) by allowing Facebook employees compete for their level to be available to play by everyone after the game's launch. Hopefully its one crazy level, this is one intriguing challenge indeed.

Miiverse uproar

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Back in the 1st of July 2015, a Nintendo employee/verified Miiverse user on Miiverse named Erika announced that Miiverse would be getting a redesign, some are quite upset with this, while others are thrilled by it. The reasons one might be upset about this are the following:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Suing Nintendo

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

OK, come on!! Nintendo's a big name in the video game industry, why are people still trying to sue them, don't they realize that Nintendo will always win the cases made against them!? They're Nintendo, they've got the money and the layers to win any case made against them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tumblr town

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Nintendo of Australasia and New Zealand are a smaller branch of Nintendo overall, but just today (7/21/2015) they have announced on Facebook to have opened a 100% Animal Crossing Fan blog on Tumblr. According to them, they are big Animal Crossing fans there and they decided to make this page because *And I quote* =

Monday, July 20, 2015

MK8 Official Soundtrack

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Club Nintendo of Europe has added a new prize to their stars catalog, the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack. Many have asked for this soundtrack to be released, some knew somehow it would be released by Club Nintendo of Europe, although I'm not sure exactly how, it could've been leaked some

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Everyone kinda' hates the new Metroid game

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Metroid Prime Federation Force is not exactly what everyone was begging Nintendo to make, it's less of an actual Metroid game and more of a Metroid-style mini game. I've been putting off talking about it since E3 because right after E3 I heard nothing but a negative reaction to this game's announcement. I can't entirely blame the Gaming community for being upset with this Metroid game because it's not what we were expecting at all, although that could still be the very thing that makes the game worth buying, who knows. This new Metroiduniverse game will be released in 2016,
"Join a four-player local or online squad in this co-operative sci-fi shooter set in the Metroiduniverse. Hop in a specialized battle Mech suit and work with your teammates to take down enemy forces and complete objective- based missions. Then, take a break and play a fun, pick-up game of Blast Ball with fellow troops."

I think I can understand the problem people are having accepting this as the next Metroid Prime game, they were expecting a thrilling tale with Samus as the star and an epic adventure, not a four player battle game with 3DS graphics, and a soccer mini game to go with it.

Source: Metroid Federation Force site
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy... Happy, Home... theme

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

The download version, as an early purchase bonus, the theme of "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer" of the download number is attached to the August 31, 2015 (Monday). (This theme is done and pay sales from September 1, 2015)
The Japanese website for the to-br-released Animal Crossing game "Happy Home Designer" has shared information that the first grouping of people to purchase and download the new game will get a

Monday, July 13, 2015

Iwata is dead

The President and CEO of Nintendo has died, apparently he died on the 11th of July 2015, to honor this man's life Nintendo has decided that the rest of this day they will not be posting on their social media channels. Such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They have made only one post on Facebook today which explains why they're not posting the rest of the day and has a picture of Iwata. This announcement came as a shock to me, I was browsing my Facebook home page and started to see all these posts saying "R.I.P. Iwata, you will be missed" and I was like, "This is a joke right?" Sadly I did find the post from Nintendo themselves announcing his passing so even though I am astonished that he is now dead, I can confirm this information to be true and not somebody's sick joke. Also I'm worried for the company's future now as well, because I personally think that Iwata kept the company where it needed to be and now who knows what the next guy will do, hopefully he'll do what Iwata would've wanted and make sure the company sticks to it's roots. It's sad that he won't be able to witness the release of the NX, the console he announced to remind everyone that they'll keep doing what they do best, even when making smartphone games/apps.

Source: Nintendo on Facebook

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

#3DSummer is back, last year Nintendo released photos to promote the 3DS console over Summer on Facebook, today they announced it's starting it again for 2015. But this year it won't be just for promotion, it'll be a contest on Twitter. Nintendo's last Twitter contest, did not have a winner declared, apparently that is how it is with the majority of Twitter contests (or so I've been told). In this contest, they've announced one lucky winner will get a New 3DS XL console, just like we were promised with the last contest. Only now there are more things available to try and win, and now the contest is to share a picture of your child/children playing the 3DS console during summer. Sharing with the hashtags: #‎3DSSummer‬ and‪ #‎SweepsEntry‬, on Twitter. You have until the 14th of July, so get busy and snap some pics. I personally will not be participating in this contest because I believe it to be a waste of time, however I will be sharing my own #3DSummer pictures on the AR-Cade TNG Facebook page so be looking for those.
"School’s out! How are you spending your summer vacation? May we suggest with the New Nintendo 3DS XL? Tweet us @NintendoAmerica with photos of how your kids are having fun with a 3DS, whether it’s at the mall, at the beach…wherever you may be, using ‪#‎3DSSummer‬ and‪#‎SweepsEntry‬. You’ll have a chance to win 1 of 4 3DS titles, and one lucky participant will receive an additional Grand Prize of a New Nintendo 3DS XL system!"~ Nintendo on Facebook
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The Nintendo Cross? Leaked NX Trailer (Rumor)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Yeah I don't see this happening, at least not like this, or with that name... Cross? Seriously, ridiculous, and the new controller wasn't given a name either. This post is not a rant, it is my in-depth look at the fake video uploaded to YouTube recently which has the Gaming world saying "Is it real? Is it Fake? what is it!?" So, I looked through the YouTube comments and saw if anyone picked up on anything suggesting that this console trailer was real, and then I also saw a few things suggesting this could be fake.

BIG CHANGES to Miiverse

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Miiverse is getting a redesign, well, its more like an upgrade. Now, each user will have their own photo album for their profile and get their own gaming journals, capable of being updated as they make progress in games. This new feature gives people the opportunity to share progress as it happens in their games. Like an actual journal but focused on games and for public view.

"Miiverse is getting a redesign to make communicating about the games you're playing more enjoyable than ever! Take a look at these new features."~Miiverse Guide: Tom

Other than the journal and photo album additions, it doesn't seem to have many more improvements, maybe when its done it'll look different or something, but otherwise it seems to be the same Miiverse it was yesterday. The redesign isn't finished right now, but the site does say it will be happening during THIS (2015) Summer. So, we should be getting the redesigned Miiverse soon. Something you may not have noticed, at the bottom of the header on the website, they have written " Please note that features may be changed." So don't expect to see exactly what is shown on the Miiverse site when the redesign is finished and released.
Source: Miiverse                                                                                         Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Club Nintendo DONE

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Yes, Club Nintendo being discontinued has been known of for quite some time now, that isn't news, but today starts the month where the new Nintendo year would've started and we'd be working towards our elite status for the next year. Today is the day Club Nintendo ended 7/1/2015. The picture above is from the Club Nintendo website, it encourages us slightly by saying we will get a new loyalty program. In the picture you may notice something a bit odd, Mario is depressed that the program is now discontinued while a Toad is smiling and happy, waving to us from behind Mario. It's a cute picture and a very nice message to the loyal Nintendo fans everywhere, The Toad could be photo bombing but the point is, The program is over. Oddly enough, I called in to Nintendo and asked when we'd be getting the physical products we ordered from Club Nintendo before the discontinuation and found out that we'd be getting them during Summer, currently it IS summer so I have no idea when we'll be getting the prizes, all I know is that its sometime in Summer, and I still don't have my calendar yet.
Source: Nintendo's FAQ                                                                Game on and Keep it Rehl!