Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Mega Nintendo Extravaganza Event recap

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Just last weekend I was at Target for the release of Splatoon, The Silver Mario Amiibo, Wave four of SSB amiibo and the Splatoon Amiibo as well. Because so many things were being released and Nintendo didn't give an official name for it, I decided to call it "The Mega Nintendo Extravaganza".
Anyways, I sat out in line with my amiibros for over thirteen hours for everything. I got the new game at Target and got the FREE water gun which was exclusive to Target. While we were waiting, I decided to interview a few people, including Zat-Man my amiibo expert for AR-Cade Gaming.


Chris (Captain America)

The pic above is Chris, he likes Captain America A-LOT. I asked him some event related questions.

Me-"So, are you a Gamer, a Collector or both?"
Chris-"I Mostly Collect Consoles."
Me-"What is your Preferred Video Game developer, is it Nintendo and why?"
Chris-"Well, I like Nintendo for their local Multiplayer, they really do that best in my opinion."
Me-"OK, whats your opinion of Amiibo?" 
Chris-"Well, It was a great idea, but poorly executed. I believe they should have produced more."
Me-"OK then, well, whats your opinion of Splatoon?"
Chris-"Ummmmm, it looks like a fun game, I'm here picking up an amiibo for a friend."
Me-"I see, so how many Miis have you tagged on your 3DS so far?"
Chris, I don't have a 3DS, I only have a WiiU. Used to have a 3DS but I lost it."
Me:  O.O "oh. Thank you for your time."

Anthony AKA: Zat-Man
The picture above this sentence here, is of Anthony on the 29th of May, I met up with him for the release of wave four, he now has all amiibo currently released in the smash bros line and he's a professional Amiibo Hunter as well. He wrote an amazing piece for my post on surviving amiibogeddon. I asked him some questions on the event taking place..

Me- "Are you a Gamer, Collector or both?"
Me-" (Laughter) nice.
Anthony-"I collect mostly games, I'm almost to one thousand and eight hundred. Excluding duplicates. But I do have an extensive Zelda merchandise collection."
Me-"Wow, that many games? Impressive, do you have a
particular preference in video game developers, whats your opinion of Nintendo?"
Anthony-"Hmm... I like Camelot's software planning. They make golden sun and Mario Golf for Nintendo. I really loved Working Designs up to the late 90s. Treasure is another favorite developer of mine. Nintendo's developers are the purest breed, they are always polished and bursting with character. I also respect their philosophy. " Me-"And what's your opinion of Splatoon?"
Anthony-"It's amazing (amaz-ink) fun! There are some missed opportunities. The lack of voice chat or lobby creation is a missed opportunity. The game design is fantastic and the promise of continual updates makes it an investment." Me-"What about amiibo, what do you think about them?"
Anthony-"Quite frankly, they're a dream come true. Ever since I played melee I wanted those figures, now they're real!" Me-"where and when did you first hear of the Silver Mario Amiibo figure?" Anthony-"(Laughter) Where, Reddit. When... February." Me-" One last question, I know you have a 3DS, how many Miis have you tagged so far since you got here?" Anthony-" I've tagged about fifty total."

Rico really likes Pokémon and his New 3DS too, but he didn't realize until the 29th that you could download older games (Virtual Console Games) on Wii and WiiU. He was blown away and he'll probably be getting a WiiU someday soon. And Don't worry, he's not actually crying.

Rico-"I like Tacos."
Me-"I see. Your Mii says so on Streetpass."
Me-"Whats your opinion of Nintendo?"
Rico-"Uhhh, I like Pokémons."
Me-"(Laughs) OK then, whats your opinion of Splatoon?"
Rico-"uh, I believe it should have stayed a Super Mario Sunshine sequel."
Me-"You believe the game was going to be a Super Mario Sunshine Sequel?"
Rico-"Yes, I believe it should have stayed a Sunshine sequel."
Me-"(more laughter), OK..What Amiibo are you here to get? Jingly Puff?"
Rico-"I believe so... I am getting the Silver Mario."
Me-"Cool, do you game, collect or both?"
Rico-"I play more than collecting. I collect Amiibos mostly.

The line at Target 

I had a great time at the event, I slept a lot when I got home and was too tired to write this for the longest time, but now its written and I'm happy to share what happened here with the world.
My Dad was awesomtacular and drove with me to Saginaw, we browsed Target and Best Buy before getting in line, We waited for hours to get the amiibo and Splatoon, I was mainly there for the Silver Mario Amiibo, Now I have two Silver and two gold too. While we were in line, Rico spotted the NES Zapper being in Splatoon on Facebook, and we held SSB (Super Smash Bros) tournaments all night long. By morning we were exhausted and 20+ more people showed up to line up behind us. It was one crazy event, even though it wasn't an actual event. 
I was able to purchase everything I wanted to, but I was worried for a while before hand, I spent over a hundred and fifty dollars total. As my abiibro Anthony would say "It was totally worth it." Hey, if your a Nintendo Fanboy like me, it is. I will be writing out a full opinion article on Splatoon as soon as I'm finished playing through the main story of the game.                       Game on and Keep it Rehl!