Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Super Mario Maker-Lets Super Mario

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

In the Digital Event for E3 2015, Nintendo wen't all-out for Super Mario Maker, I know you probably thought that the name of Mario Maker was Mario Maker, but it isn't, the name for the software is now SUPER Mario Maker, along with making a fan-creation montage, Nintendo set up a site where you can submit your own Super Mario themed videos from YouTube. For a specific amount of time you can try out Mario Maker at Best Buy locations (June 17th-June 20th) across North America, plus the page on their E# website for this Best Buy Promo says you will "receive a free, limited-edition Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary button while supplies last".

A new amiibo function feature was announced for the Super Mario Maker game, where Mario can wear different costumes based on the scanned amiibo figure, and I guess its called Costume Mario. It basically allows you to play as different characters in the world of Mario. Along with the published release date of September 11th 2015, we now know some promotional items will be available for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, like an official 30th anniversary amiibo figure which will be quite large in comparison to previous amiibo figures.

Also a booklet will be released for the new game giving examples of different addable elements and historical drawings for the 30th anniversary celebration. Ironically, I originally thought it would be ridiculous to make an E3 prediction on an *Bit Mario Amiibo, but look what happened.

IMO: "I don't understand why they felt compelled at Nintendo to put the word super on Mario Maker, but it does seem to fit, it's been on multiple Mario games since the very first SMB game for the NES and if it ain't broke, why fix it right? I think that Super Mario Maker will be a landmark game for Mario's 30th anniversary."

I personally pretty-much missed Mario's 25th anniversary and I know it was awesomtacular, for his 30th I plan to play a part, and I believe Nintendo has granted the opportunity for just that sort of thing to happen, fans far and wide get the chance to try out the new game and get the ability to send Nintendo their very own Super Mario videos VIA the site "Let's Super Mario" Hopefully I'll get the chance to send them my K'nex Mario Adventures videos, but more on that later.
Source: Nintendo @ E3
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