Monday, June 15, 2015

Ryu's in Smash, saw that coming

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, So here's my recap post for the awesomtacular Smash bros pre-E3 presentation. I'm sure everyone feels the same about the announcements in the video, most comments have been negative in some ways, people haven't been too thrilled  in regards to the newest SSB additions, but I thought I'd still make a post mentioning the best of it all. The biggest announcement was they added Ryu from the Street Fighter games, many fans have asked for this over the years and Nintendo has finally done it, most-likely he was voted in by the SSB Ballot site.

I feel almost obligated to make posts on each individual SSB announcement but there is simply too much, with E3 there always is, which is a good thing because we always want tons of new stuff and Nintendo never disappoints to provide new content to the world. I am forced to summarize the best of the content shared yesterday in this post here. Besides Ryu, we got some new stages to purchase and one free to download Miiverse stage which encourages fighters with real Miiverse posts while playing. And we got a character from the fire emblem series "Roy" Not to be confused with Roy Koopa from SMB. New Mii fighter costumes were also announced yesterday. The oddest of the costumes (in my personal opinion) is the the Isabelle Animal Crossing suit.
Other than the Isabelle suit there were three costumes released from  retro popular fighting games, the Inkling Boy and Girl costumes, a Zero costume from Mega Man X, and a costume of Mega Man.exe from the popular Mega Man Battle Network series which I cannot stand, because of it not being the rehl (real) Mega Man.
Then of course an SSB announcement would be nothing without amiibo figures, four brand-new amiibo were announced to be released, I find one of the most intriguing of the newly announced amiibo figures to be Mr. Game & Watch , he has four interchangeable looks to go into the base of the amiibo figure.  To me, I thought this new concept of a figure which could be personalized in this way was an impressive addition to the world of amiibo.
And besides all of those announcements, Mr. Sakurai also announced that all of the SSB fighters in the roster will also get their own amiibo figures eventually. 
 Game on and Keep it Rehl!