Monday, June 8, 2015

Om Nom Cut the Rope Movie

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

If you haven't heard already, the internet is freaking out for a brand new film announced to be about the popular mobile game Cut The Rope. With very little story on a game which main gameplay element is cutting ropes, whoever is making this film (Rumored: Blockade) seems to have their work CUT out for them. The main character of the game will be the main character of the film of course, and the film will be called "OmNom the movie" after that character.

These sort of rumors have happened before with Angry Birds and nothing usually ever happens, so don't get too excited for an OmNom film. The film is rumored to be releasing next year. ot sure if it'll be a completely animated film or a mixture of live action and animation together. There is a set of OmNom cartoon stories in certain versions of the "Cut the Rope" game, in which some are a mixture of animation and live action. The movie (if being made at all) could be like that, but later on the series became 100% animation and lost its cute appeal of its realistic feel which the first few animations had. In one of the animations and onward we see how OmNom got where he is, a boy finds him and takes care of him, they could be making a film entirely on that idea but it might not be very entertaining. Tell me in the comments what you'd like the OmNom film to be about and if you'd actually go to the theater to watch it.

More info: IGN
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