Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nintendo + Activision The surprising colaboration

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Another surprising announcement to me from Nintendo and their Digital Event from E3 2015 was that they plan to release amiibo/skylanders figures with Nintendo characters that only work on Nintendo consoles. This is the first Nintendo has allowed someone to take their characters and play with them in such big ways, giving them outfits and abilities completely set apart from their Nintendo roots, yet still similar to their roots in some ways, like DK has barrels and a Donkey Kong themed car. A car you ask? Yes, I said a car alright, the car is for the newly announced Skylanders game
"Skylanders SuperChargers" Surprising yet in my own opinion, NOT. I think they thought they were loosing in the figures come to life on TV field and decided "we need to partner-up with Nintendo if we wanna' stay in the game" however,
the vehicles idea and flame throwing magma Bowser both sound and look like fun.

Although the two Nintendo Skylanders currently announced "Turbo Charged Donkey Kong" & "Hammer Slam Bowser" work with the Skylanders Portal (Only on Nintendo), they will also work as amiibo figures in other Nintendo games. With the flick of a switch, you turn your Skylanders DK and/or Bowser into an amiibo figure, in fact you can rotate the base of it to do just that. I wasn't impressed with the previous Skylanders game, I found the trailer alone to be more goofy than anything. But with these new Nintendo additions to the newly announced game It's made me wonder about it being a really good addition to the franchise, and a really cool new feature introduced would be the ability to modify your vehicle during the game and the game uses real-time physics.
At The Treehouse live event today, they explored the many different ways they tried to adapt Donkey Kong to the Skylanders world and when they shared Donkey's biggest move, they showed him pounding the ground and when he does the retro red I-beams and Blue ladders from the original ARCade game fall from the sky and break to bits when they hit the ground. A goofy little addition to the game to remember the characters roots in a BIG way. 

 Game on and Keep it Rehl!