Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Nintendo E3 Predictions

This post is holding My personal Nintendo E3 2015 Predictions:

  • A new Super Mario Galaxy or Sunshine game, a new 3D Mario game either on WiiU or 3DS. 
  • A new Legend of Zelda Title, probably for the 3DS but possibly on WiiU. I believe the timing is perfect for a smaller scale Zelda game to be in development considering the new Zelda WiiU game won't be at this year's E3 at all. However we now know that there will be a port of the WiiU Hyrule Warriors game coming to the 3DS console soon. 
  • The Star Fox WiiU game, I'm positive that this game will be fully introduced to the world at E3 this year. We already know the game is supposed to be released toward the end of this year, it only makes sense that Nintendo will share more of that game before its time for its release. 
  • Splatoon Update, I'm thinking that the new 3rd person shooter from Nintendo will be getting an update soon after the E3 presentation. Probably not but because the game is so new, they may want to do something new with it. 
  • SSB will be getting some updates, I'm not saying that I know for sure or not that the game will be updated at all, but we all know that on June 14 2015 Mr. Sakurai will be holding an early E3 presentation for SSB. He will most-likely be sharing the next bit of downloadable characters and purchasable DLC. 
  • This prediction's downright crazy, but I'm hoping Nintendo announces the ability to purchase themes for the WiiU console's home menu. Just like the 3DS has themes, the WiiU should also in my opinion. The WiiU is essentially a giant DS, themes would be perfect for it. 
  • Punch-Out Game for WiiU(Example: Punch-OutU)
    I think that because of the Pre-E3 plans video with Nintendo's nod to Punch-Out, they may make a new Punch-out game for the WiiU. We had one on the Wii already and they put the old Wii game on the WiiU as downloadable content so I think they're planning to bring Punch-out back in a new title, but it may not. 
  • I have a feeling that Hal Laboratories and Nintendo will be releasing a new Kirby Game as Well, I hope that its a combination of Smash bros style fighting and regular Kirby style side-scrolling platforming. But I can't be certain, we had a new Kirby game just a while ago so another addition to the franchise so soon may be too soon.
  • Also, It would be awesomtacular if they made a super Mario Sunshine/Galaxy mix-up game

Game on and Keep it Rehl!