Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Motionless

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
A reporter for the website Gameinformer got the chance to play the upcoming Mario Tennis game for WiiU announced at E3, in his report for the game (like a review) he mentions the Game has no motion controls at all, they are not an option. Motion controls have been a staple in Wii games such as Mario tennis, because when you hold the Wii/ Wii U remote like a tennis racket you feel like you're actually playing tennis more than when you hold the remote sideways and simply press the buttons. this could be because the amount of options for hitting the ball have increased, or it could be just that they didn't find the motion controls to be a necessity for the game. Either way, it appears the new Mario tennis game won't have them in it.
"Players have the option to use the Wii U’s many controllers with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, including the GamePad and Pro Controller. A strange caveat of the various control options available is that players can use the Wii Remote for play, but only in its sideways-turned state. The lack of motion controls wouldn’t normally be a big issue, but tennis is one of the few sub-genres where motion controls make sense and are fun."~ Brian Shea @ Gameinformer
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