Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Disney and Nintendo partnership (Rumor)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
I'm not against Disney, I even saw Wreck-it Ralph and it was a decent film, I just don't care very much for Disney in general and I really really hope the following news is false. The video game news website Gamnesia reported today (June 14th 2015) that a Spanish gaming website which had reported that Nintendo and Disney are currently talking on making games, toys and films together. (*Take a deep breath from writing all that*). Although it is currently just a rumor, it could be true, but rumors of this kind are usually proved wrong too. I don't care honestly if Nintendo and Disney partner up on a couple things, but Disney isn't Nintendo, so I don't wan't them buying up anything Nintendo because they'd just wreck-it (pun intended). Of course, this is almost ridiculous, Nintendo teaming up with someone while they've clearly recovered from their losses with Splatoon, Mario Kart and Smash. This rumor could be nothing more than a rumor. Hopefully it stays that way, in my opinion, I'd prefer Disney and Nintendo to remain separate companies, they already got Marvel, Don't wan't them near Nintendo. The many spots in the Wreck-it Ralph film were good enough, I could go on ranting but my point has been made. Game on and Keep it Rehl!