Monday, June 8, 2015

Big hopes for Super Mario at E3 2015

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
So a lot of people seem pretty convinced that a new Super Mario 3D platformer game will be announced at E3 2015. If they do announce a new 3D platforming Mario, my hopes are for either a new Super Mario Sunshine game, a Super Mario Galaxy Game or maybe a Super Mario Sunshine Galaxy Game. Yeah, you read me right... 
OK, so here's the idea Gamers, Super Mario gets the ol' FLUDD device again only this time in outer space and instead of normal water it shoots a spacial liquid of some kind. I haven't thought it all out entirely yet but Mario could swim and fly through outer space using the FLUDD and other tools you'd discover in the game. This could happen if Nintendo wanted to make it happen, of course then they may have to port the original Sunshine game over to WiiU but that would be awesomtacular so its a win-win situation, even converting the old game into HD would make Nintendo more money, I'd buy it just to beat it all over again in HD. Hey, Wind Waker HD remake sold copies so why not an HD remake of Sunshine. I believe this to be true, whether or not it will be a 3D Mario game or a 2D Mario Game or a Mario Galaxy game on the 3DS (Awesomtacular!!!), I'm sure there will be a new Super Mario game announced at E3 this year, Nintendo has heard the demands so it just seems likely. I cannot confirm a new game will be released, but I'm SURE it will.

Game on and Keep it Rehl!