Monday, June 8, 2015

Nintendo @ E3 Rumor Generator

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Nintendo E3 Lies Generator

Someone somewhere has decided to release a web app which allows the user to generate fake Nintendo E3 2015 digital Presentation lineups and spam the internet with unwanted false information. Who ever did this, thanks a lot (sarcasm), now we have to deal with more fake leaks. But besides the fact that all the information is false, most of the info is almost funny. To use this app yourself, you simply go to the page and each time you want new information on the list you simply reload the page and you get it. Some of the more goofy titles on the list have been games like "The Legend of Zelda: The Cheek of Stopsign", But there have been even more ridiculous titles on the list besides that one, sometimes the "Third Party Reel" is displayed on the list twice or we'll get an odd game name and a number indicating its place in a series like: "Nintendo Pokémon 8". Normally when Nintendo does release a new Pokémon game, they don't put their name in front of it in the title so this is a giveaway that the information is false. This is gonna' cause some major annoyance, whoever came up with it was either a genius or insane or maybe even an insane genius. Some of the titles generates may be a bit profane from time-to-time so use caution when reloading the page, be prepared for idiotic titles to occasionally appear. But all humor aside, I don't understand why so many people like to do this, lie about something so important to Nintendo enthusiasts, I guess some don't care and just wanna' annoy those who doGame on and Keep it Rehl!