Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A new Sonic Boom game

Really?? Its another *augh!!* Sonic Boom Game??

Look, I like Sonic but Sonic Boom isn't Sonic. I mean, in all sincerity they should bring Sonic back to his roots, the old platforming action with the same speed of today and action of his fighting skills in SSB. No offense, its just that Sonic Boom isn't the Sonic I know Sonic to be.
Some of this new Sonic game actually looks fun, Your facing a strange new world controlling the elements of both Fire and Ice. The Game is called "Sonic Boom Fire & Ice". They don't explain a whole lot about the game in story but they do go on to show basically but Nintendo of Europe is the one who apparently made the announcement, according to My Nintendo News.
"Nintendo of Europe and SEGA of Europe have today confirmed that they have entered into a new distribution agreement for the forthcoming Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, scheduled to release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems across Europe this winter. Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo of Europe will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout European territories, with SEGA of Europe remaining as publisher. The iconic ‘blue blur,’ Sonic the Hedgehog, will be racing once again in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice as the game introduces more adventure, speed, exploration, and an all-new fire and ice gameplay element that will help propel the action. The game will also feature the triumphant return of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks."~Nintendo of Europe
I find it strange that this game was only announced today from the Europe Market and not in the USA Markets or even Japanese Markets, Not that its wrong they announce the game in Europe but why not also in America? They do somewhat explain the reason for it by saying that they will be distributing the game on 3DS consoles in Europe during Winter. That the announcement was actually about a sales agreement made between them in Europe regarding the game's distribution in Europe. I must be honest, many believe the Sonic Boom series to be a flop, Even SEGA themselves know they messed up big time with the Sonic reboot, in their latest Tumblr post they have tags like, #It's going to be way better than the first one. They sure do sound confident don't they?

Source: Nintendo of Europe 
Game on and Keep it Rehl!