Friday, June 12, 2015

Nintendo has released their E3 Schedule

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, 

Although Nintendo has already made it quite clear what their E3 plans are, they have decided to release a schedule on their PR site. The schedule lays out all the details quite nicely

The announcement is not only reconfirming their plans for E3 2015 but also goes on to let us know they will also be announcing upcoming games for next year (2016). But of course we all knew Nintendo would announce games to be released next year as well as this year so that's no surprise, its just that this IS the first they've announced that they would announce new games for 2016 so I'm just making that announcement evidently clear. 
"Nintendo will showcase its 2015 and select 2016 software lineup this year at E3 and will kick off the video game trade show with insider access events that extend to fans following the show from afar. Our play-by-play reference guide below lets you track Nintendo’s live E3 coverage, the thrilling return of the Nintendo World Championships and special game sampling events, so you won’t miss a minute of the fun. We will continue to share information on future games and initiatives in the months ahead."~Nintendo PR
Game on and Keep it Rehl!