Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Motionless

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
A reporter for the website Gameinformer got the chance to play the upcoming Mario Tennis game for WiiU announced at E3, in his report for the game (like a review) he mentions the Game has no motion controls at all, they are not an option. Motion controls have been a staple in Wii games such as Mario tennis, because when you hold the Wii/ Wii U remote like a tennis racket you feel like you're actually playing tennis more than when you hold the remote sideways and simply press the buttons. this could be because the amount of options for hitting the ball have increased, or it could be just that they didn't find the motion controls to be a necessity for the game. Either way, it appears the new Mario tennis game won't have them in it.
"Players have the option to use the Wii U’s many controllers with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, including the GamePad and Pro Controller. A strange caveat of the various control options available is that players can use the Wii Remote for play, but only in its sideways-turned state. The lack of motion controls wouldn’t normally be a big issue, but tennis is one of the few sub-genres where motion controls make sense and are fun."~ Brian Shea @ Gameinformer
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Software sells hardware NX

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
 Oddly enough, reports are being made all over the web about Miyamoto stepping down completely from hardware development and focusing on Games, being that this isn't the first time he's stepped down from a bigger position, I don't completely understand what the fuss is all about honestly. From what we now know, Miyamoto will not be working on the new NX console itself but more-or-less games that will play on it. Nintendo has worked by the code "Software sells hardware" for years, so I think that  Miyamoto focusing on games is a smart move, he's responsible fore making some of Nintendo's best video game characters and franchises like Mario, Link & Zelda, Star Fox and a few other Nintendo characters too, so focusing on games is probably best for him in this business. Another thing I'd thought I'd mention is that some people still think...

Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
OK, so everyone was hyped that Reggie supposedly hinted we'd be getting the regular New 3DS in North America soon, you know, the one with the faceplates and all that. Well, no, we're not getting that version of the new console in North America anytime soon. My Nintendo News reported that Scott Moffitt (executive vice president of sales and marketing!!) had an interview at E3 with the website iDigitalTimes, at the end of the interview they said:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rumors, Android, NX, Amazon, Disney

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
First off, I wouldn't be too worried about the Nintendo + Disney partnership rumor, being that they are pretty much rival companies and probably will never work that closely together. Nintendo just recently partnered up with Universal Studios as well, and Disney is a rival to Universal Studios, so this is most-likely the case of someone thinking they knew what they were talking about and really didn't.

This new rumor is a strange one, you remember the NX running on Android/NX running Android rumor right? Well, now there's a new NX/Android rumor spreading around, claiming that the NX console could possibly emulate Android Games. (*Dead Silence*) I know right? People make up the strangest rumors sometimes its ridiculous, really. OK, so the rumor is that the console will be able to emulate Android games, not impossible surely this could happen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Disney and Nintendo partnership (Rumor)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
I'm not against Disney, I even saw Wreck-it Ralph and it was a decent film, I just don't care very much for Disney in general and I really really hope the following news is false. The video game news website Gamnesia reported today (June 14th 2015) that a Spanish gaming website which had reported that Nintendo and Disney are currently talking on making games, toys and films together. (*Take a deep breath from writing all that*). Although it is currently just a rumor, it could be true, but rumors of this kind are usually proved wrong too. I don't care honestly if Nintendo and Disney partner up on a couple things, but Disney isn't Nintendo, so I don't wan't them buying up anything Nintendo because they'd just wreck-it (pun intended). Of course, this is almost ridiculous, Nintendo teaming up with someone while they've clearly recovered from their losses with Splatoon, Mario Kart and Smash. This rumor could be nothing more than a rumor. Hopefully it stays that way, in my opinion, I'd prefer Disney and Nintendo to remain separate companies, they already got Marvel, Don't wan't them near Nintendo. The many spots in the Wreck-it Ralph film were good enough, I could go on ranting but my point has been made. Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Splatoon sells over 1 million copies

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

The new 3rd person shooter from Nintendo Splatoon has sold one million copies worldwide according to Nintendo PR. Apparently the game is doing quite well in sales for it to have already sold a million copies, it hasn't even been a year yet. The region that's sold the most so far is the Americas.

 When Splatoon on Facebook found out, they shared this ink covered picture to celebrate.
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New Miiverse restrictions

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
a Miiverse update was made merely 5 hours from when I made this article, Erika from Nintendo gave everyone an update on how Miiverse will now handle account restrictions. Nintendo caught on to how when someone is banned on Miiverse they would simply create a new account on the console and get back on, well now when one account is banned on a console, they're ALL banned on that console. Be careful what you do,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Harvest Moon 3DS themes

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
To celebrate the launch of the new Harvest Moon game for 3DS in Europe, Rising Star Games has released a ton of Harvest Moon 3DS themes available now in that country. I guess the game for the 3DS came out way back in November for North America, on Twitter Natsume Inc has announced the new themes will soon be coming to the 3DS in North America as well. So Harvest Moon fans in NA have some new 3DS additions soon.

Give your 3DS a #HarvestMoon: The Lost Valley 3DS makeover! Available now in Europe & coming soon to North America~ pic.twitter.com/guVAOy8qof
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Increased product flow of amiibo

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, Most Nintendo enthusiasts and amiibo Hunters probably thought Nintendo's apology of lacking in the distribution of amiibo on Facebook, was simply to save face. However in a recent E3 interview with GameSpot, Reggie Fils-aime claimed that Nintendo has taken notice of the many complaints of their customers (not his ACTUAL words) and said that Nintendo has planned to increase the product flow of the amiibo figures.
Reggie~"We're Extremely pleased with Amiibo, We also know there's some consumer frustration out there, and so we've made the commitment that we're going to improve the flow of product into the market."
Reggie also said that they've already delivered on that commitment, some may disagree but the performance has been good and now they plan to be more innovative in future amiibo figures, like the Yarn Yoshi amiibo and the Mr. Game & Watch amiibo figure which has interchangeable plates.
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Smash Controller

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

 O-K, so today Nintendo announced a new app via Nintendo's PR site and it blew my mind, its an app that allows you to connect to the WiiU and use the 3DS console as a controller for Smash Bros even if you don't have the SSB game for your 3DS, unfortunately all it seems to be is the ability to use the 3DS as a controller for the game and nothing more, but if you own SSB for WiiU and not 3DS, then this is perfect for you, in fact I think its a practical app for those who need an extra controller and can't afford a brand new remote, this app is only 99 cents on the 3DS eShop right now. I personally think its worth the price, although with the price of the 3DS console and the SSB game for WiiU already so much, they could've released this app for FREE, but I suppose it is good that they didn't so they can make some more revenue on both the WiiU and 3DS console. Game on and Keep it Rehl!
Source: Smash Controller on Nintendo eShop site

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival will be FREE *Rumor*

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
It's simply a rumor right now but the E3 2015 announced "Animal Crossing amiibo Festival" will be FREE to download besides the purchasable cards and Animal Crossing amiibo figures, however the game can be pre-ordered from Best buy for over 70 dollars and comes with all the extras.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Yes, at Nintendo's digital event yesterday they announced a brand-new Mario & Luigi game for the 3DS, and its one of the most unusual combinations... A [Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi] game, mixing both worlds. Honestly the concept of combining the two is quite intriguing, however there is one big negative, it's Paper Mario + Mario & Luigi, but no Paper Luigi, you don't get to play as the paper version of Luigi as well as Mario, Just Paper Mario and the two normal Mario and Luigi

Nintendo + Activision The surprising colaboration

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Another surprising announcement to me from Nintendo and their Digital Event from E3 2015 was that they plan to release amiibo/skylanders figures with Nintendo characters that only work on Nintendo consoles. This is the first Nintendo has allowed someone to take their characters and play with them in such big ways, giving them outfits and abilities completely set apart from their Nintendo roots, yet still similar to their roots in some ways, like DK has barrels and a Donkey Kong themed car. A car you ask? Yes, I said a car alright, the car is for the newly announced Skylanders game
"Skylanders SuperChargers" Surprising yet in my own opinion, NOT. I think they thought they were loosing in the figures come to life on TV field and decided "we need to partner-up with Nintendo if we wanna' stay in the game" however,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Fox Zero

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

One of the biggest announcements today from Nintendo @E3 2015 took up a good portion of the beginning of the Digital Event, the game Star Fox for WiiU now has an official name/title and Miyamoto himself shared new features on the game. Some elements that were supposed to be used in games previously made, were added to this brand new game. I won't go into great detail on the elements brought back, but the biggest one is that your Arwing ship can now transform into modes, there's a way to walk through some stages/levels in the Arwing, as well as a way to send out a drone.

Name Change

AR-Cade The Nintendo Guy

Yes, I have changed the name of my blog from "AR-Cade Gaming" to "AR-Cade The Nintendo Guy" The reason for this was because of how vague the original name, it was too broad of a topic. All though I do on occasion talk on other Gaming developer's games but I mostly talk on Nintendo, and since GSR is done and "The Nintendo Guy" was my title there, I have decided to use it for my blog name here. I just figured this would be for the best, considering how I usually focus on Nintendo with my posts. I don't mean to be bias concerning other Game and console developers its just... Nintendo's The Best and beats all other developers in the world by a long-shot!Just kidding, although that is exactly what I personally think to be true. Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Zelda- One of my E3 2015 Predictions came true

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Although my prediction for Zelda was slightly vague, the idea was to say that a new Zelda game would be released for the 3DS besides Hyrule Warriors Legends (now confirmed as an E3 announcement) The following was my prediction:
"A new Legend of Zelda Title, probably for the 3DS but possibly on WiiU. I believe the timing is perfect for a smaller scale Zelda game to be in development considering the new Zelda WiiU game won't be at this year's E3 at all. However we now know that there will be a port of the WiiU Hyrule Warriors game coming to the 3DS console soon." ~AR-Cade (The Nintendo Guy)
I honestly can't believe I was right on this one, but I did say possibly for WiiU, anyways the prediction came true, a new Zelda game was announced for 3DS, the game takes three heroes on a classic overhead Zelda adventure. It's Called "The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes". It will be released for the 3DS console this fall. Awesomtacular that even one of my predictions came true.
More info: The Nintendo E3 page
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Super Mario Make PRICE

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Nintendo is truly pushing the anniversary of Super Mario this year with Super Mario, oddly though, the game/application will apparently be released as a full-fledged game and not as a general app for the WiiU, this means (you guessed it) a full game price of 59.99/60.00 . This will most-likely be the bundle of the promised booklet with the game, this is the listed price of the pre-order.
Game on and Keep it Rehl!
Source: Pre-order page

Super Mario Maker-Lets Super Mario

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

In the Digital Event for E3 2015, Nintendo wen't all-out for Super Mario Maker, I know you probably thought that the name of Mario Maker was Mario Maker, but it isn't, the name for the software is now SUPER Mario Maker, along with making a fan-creation montage, Nintendo set up a site where you can submit your own Super Mario themed videos from YouTube. For a specific amount of time you can try out Mario Maker at Best Buy locations (June 17th-June 20th) across North America, plus the page on their E# website for this Best Buy Promo says you will "receive a free, limited-edition Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary button while supplies last".

A new amiibo function feature was announced for the Super Mario Maker game, where Mario can wear different costumes based on the scanned amiibo figure, and I guess its called Costume Mario. It basically allows you to play as different characters in the world of Mario. Along with the published release date of September 11th 2015, we now know some promotional items will be available for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, like an official 30th anniversary amiibo figure which will be quite large in comparison to previous amiibo figures.

Also a booklet will be released for the new game giving examples of different addable elements and historical drawings for the 30th anniversary celebration. Ironically, I originally thought it would be ridiculous to make an E3 prediction on an *Bit Mario Amiibo, but look what happened.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Nindies@Home E3 2015

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Do you remember Nintendo's Indie Game's promotional, Nindies? Well, its back, Nintendo want's everyone to enjoy the E3 experience, even those who won't be able to literally go there, like me. So they've released new information that claims Nintendo customers will be able to demo upcoming indie developer games on WiiU, during the time of E3. apparently the 3DS will not have this option during the time of E3 2015, so go out and buy a WiiU already. Also, the Demos last up to one whole month and once the games fully launch players will all get 15% off the games if purchased.
"Not everyone is able to attend the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. That’s why the Nintendo eShop is offering a special deal so that people at home can be the first to play some of the hottest upcoming indie games on Wii U. For a limited time only, the Nindies@Home program lets people download free demos of nine upcoming Nindie games from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U between now and 8:59 a.m. PT on June 22. Best of all, once the full games launch, players get 15 percent off the price of each respective participating game they demo for up to one month after the full game launches. Note that the same Nintendo Network ID must be linked to the Wii U system and Nintendo eShop account prior to the download in order to be eligible for the offer."~Nintendo PR
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Ryu's in Smash, saw that coming

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, So here's my recap post for the awesomtacular Smash bros pre-E3 presentation. I'm sure everyone feels the same about the announcements in the video, most comments have been negative in some ways, people haven't been too thrilled  in regards to the newest SSB additions, but I thought I'd still make a post mentioning the best of it all. The biggest announcement was they added Ryu from the Street Fighter games, many fans have asked for this over the years and Nintendo has finally done it, most-likely he was voted in by the SSB Ballot site.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nintendo has released their E3 Schedule

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, 

Although Nintendo has already made it quite clear what their E3 plans are, they have decided to release a schedule on their PR site. The schedule lays out all the details quite nicely

Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Nintendo E3 Predictions

This post is holding My personal Nintendo E3 2015 Predictions:

Nintendo 3DS 8th console to sell 15 Million Units in USA

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere, The 3DS sales have been higher than WiiU for the longest time but now we know new information straight from Nintendo PR, saying the 3DS is the 8th Nintendo console to sell 15 million units in the US. Now it makes perfect sense to port over WiiU games to the 3DS considering the 3DS console seems to be surpassing the sales of the WiiU by far. However, I must note that the WiiU console has been doing much better in sales this year than it was in the past few years.
"“Software sells hardware” has been Nintendo’s mantra for nearly 30 years. And, when you consistently make fun, unique, exclusive games featuring the likes of Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and Pokémon, you can sell a lot of hardware! The most recent example of this phenomenon is Nintendo 3DS, which has become the eighth Nintendo system to sell at least 15 million units in the United States, according to Nintendo’s internal sales figures. Since its U.S. debut on March 27, 2011, Nintendo has supported the system with a massive lineup of AAA games such as Super Mario 3D Land, Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Each of these titles has a Metascore of 85 or higher and has sold more than 2 million total units in the United States alone."~Nintendo PR
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hyrule Warriors 3DS E3 2015 LEAK

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Doubtfully, this whole find is actually leaked from a soon-to-be E3 2015 announcement from Nintendo themselves. I doubt this because the announcement for this new game was made on the developers page and not by Nintendo. But I've heard that this new Hyrule Warriors game for 3DS will be talked about at E# by more than one person/place so either way... Were getting a new Hyrule warriors game for the 3DS,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A new Sonic Boom game

Really?? Its another *augh!!* Sonic Boom Game??

Look, I like Sonic but Sonic Boom isn't Sonic. I mean, in all sincerity they should bring Sonic back to his roots, the old platforming action with the same speed of today and action of his fighting skills in SSB. No offense, its just that Sonic Boom isn't the Sonic I know Sonic to be.


Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
With E3 quickly approaching, Microsoft has decided to share a brand new console with the world. Well, that is only partially true. They have unveiled a new model of the XBOX ONE console. The original XBOX One console had 500GB in Memory , this upgraded...

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Capcom has announced a new Mega Man game which will be available on multiple consoles including the 3DS. Besides announcing their E3 plans on the 8th of June, Capcom announced a huge new game which combines a ton of Mega Man games and gives you the same old 8-bit style with a remastered HD look. The collection includes games Mega Man 1 through six, its titled "Mega Man Legacy Collection". I suppose this isn't entirely a new game but it is a collection of old Mega Man games remastered in HD. The biggest disappointment concerning this new collection of games is that it will not be on WiiU, so far it will be available on Xbox one, PC and PS4 this Summer 2015. But the 3DS digital version will not be available until this Winter. I do hope Capcom makes an actual new Mega Man game soon, and releases it for 3DS and WiiU as well.
Source: Capcom's news site

Game on and Keep it Rehl!

SSB Pre-E3 Presentation

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Nintendo of America has just yesterday (June 8th 2015) shared on Twitter that Mr. Masahiro Sakurai will be making a presentation on the 214th of June about SSB, For what reason could he be doing this?? He may be introducing new characters, he may just be letting everyone know about Lucas and all that's already obviously going to be available to SSB fans on the 14th. But I'm thinking he'll introduce some soon-to-be available content for SSB, maybe some updates or general DLC.
Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Big hopes for Super Mario at E3 2015

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
So a lot of people seem pretty convinced that a new Super Mario 3D platformer game will be announced at E3 2015. If they do announce a new 3D platforming Mario, my hopes are for either a new Super Mario Sunshine game, a Super Mario Galaxy Game or maybe a Super Mario Sunshine Galaxy Game. Yeah, you read me right... 

Nintendo @ E3 Rumor Generator

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Nintendo E3 Lies Generator

Someone somewhere has decided to release a web app which allows the user to generate fake Nintendo E3 2015 digital Presentation lineups and spam the internet with unwanted false information. Who ever did this, thanks a lot (sarcasm), now we have to deal with more fake leaks. But besides the fact that all the information is false, most of the info is almost funny. To use this app yourself, you simply go to the page and each time you want new information on the list you simply reload the page and you get it. Some of the more goofy titles on the list have been games like "The Legend of Zelda: The Cheek of Stopsign", But there have been even more ridiculous titles on the list besides that one, sometimes the "Third Party Reel" is displayed on the list twice or we'll get an odd game name and a number indicating its place in a series like: "Nintendo Pokémon 8". Normally when Nintendo does release a new Pokémon game, they don't put their name in front of it in the title so this is a giveaway that the information is false. This is gonna' cause some major annoyance, whoever came up with it was either a genius or insane or maybe even an insane genius. Some of the titles generates may be a bit profane from time-to-time so use caution when reloading the page, be prepared for idiotic titles to occasionally appear. But all humor aside, I don't understand why so many people like to do this, lie about something so important to Nintendo enthusiasts, I guess some don't care and just wanna' annoy those who doGame on and Keep it Rehl!

Om Nom Cut the Rope Movie

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

If you haven't heard already, the internet is freaking out for a brand new film announced to be about the popular mobile game Cut The Rope. With very little story on a game which main gameplay element is cutting ropes, whoever is making this film (Rumored: Blockade) seems to have their work CUT out for them. The main character of the game will be the main character of the film of course, and the film will be called "OmNom the movie" after that character.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Nintendo Video has moved

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Millions of people around the world (who own a 3DS) probably just got a notification on June 5th 2015. This notification states that the application known as "Nintendo Video" Will be moving to the 3DS eShop where you are now capable of literally searching the app instead of just watching the four videos as are normally pre-downloaded for you. The notification doesn't specify that the original app will be removed or not, it merely says that the video service will now be completely available to access on the eShop. "All your favorite shows from Nintendo Video are now available on Nintendo eShop anytime you want them!" They of course fail to mention the obvious which is, whenever you have an internet connection.
Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Mario got in the hall of fame

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
OK, So we already knew that SMB (Super Mario Bros) for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) got into the all-new Video Games Hall of Fame, if you didn't know about this... Now you do.
But Nintendo announced it in its official entry into the Hall of Fame today on their PR site.
A committee of journalists, scholars and video game industry members has inducted Super Mario Bros. into the new World Video Game Hall of Fame in the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. The original game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of six inductees in this inaugural class.~Nintendo PR
Previous article here. Nintendo's site here.
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Fast Racing NEO

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Fans of the F-Zero series have wanted a new F-zero game on WiiU and have been dying for Nintendo to make it. We may not be getting a new F-Zero game for WiiU as of yet, but a developer called Shin'en Multimedia will be releasing an F-zero-like game for the WiiU this year called "FAST Racing Neo". IGN reports this, hoping this game makes up for the lack of a new F-Zero game. However we do already have some F-Zero tracks on Mario Kart 8 via DLC. Shin'en Multimedia's new game seems to be a sequel to a previous game in the same series of FAST. The previous game in the series was called FAST Racing League, that game was made for the Wii.
Source: IGN
 Game on and Keep it Rehl!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Android NX

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

No, I don't mean that the NX will be Nintendo's first android console that looks like Mario but I have heard that Mario is said to play a big role in Nintendo's next console. I've heard lately a rumor was going around about the NX supporting Android IOS. But, then I also heard a rumor going around that Android devices would be supporting NX. I can't say for sure which was the actual rumor or not because I've literally heard it both ways. The rumor was started by a journalism Japanese site called Nikkeia, Now the Wall Street Journal reports that a Nintendo Spokesman completely shot down the claim, but Nintendo has been known to not be entirely honest with claims in the past so this could be true. The Nintendo Spokesman said this:
“There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX,”
Yes, Wall Street Journal doesn't give the man a name, they just say: "a Nintendo Spokesman."
Source: Wall Street Journal Site
Game on and Keep it Rehl! 

What is amiibo?

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Recently I'v found that  some people are still in the dark about Amiibo figures and why their worth buying. Well I can't have that, the public must know the facts, and I'm posting this to do just that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Mega Nintendo Extravaganza Event recap

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Just last weekend I was at Target for the release of Splatoon, The Silver Mario Amiibo, Wave four of SSB amiibo and the Splatoon Amiibo as well. Because so many things were being released and Nintendo didn't give an official name for it, I decided to call it "The Mega Nintendo Extravaganza".
Anyways, I sat out in line with my amiibros for over thirteen hours for everything. I got the new game at Target and got the FREE water gun which was exclusive to Target. While we were waiting, I decided to interview a few people, including Zat-Man my amiibo expert for AR-Cade Gaming.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nintendo Direct 6/1/2016

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Four BIG things were announced from Nintendo today and because its all old news now I just decided to cover it all in one post. Here I go!!!!
  1. Chibi-Robo Zip Lash, a new Chibi-Robo game where its a platforming game instead of a simulation game where you preform chores and tasks. The game is also bundled with a brand new Chibi-Robo Amiibo figure, I don't know if this amiibo will be used in other games besides the new Chibi-Robo game coming out this October.
  2. A Brand New 3DS Dr. Mario game called "Dr. Mario Miracle Cure" Which not only has many new options to clear stages of viruses but also has Dr. Luigi as a bonus game.
  3. Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic games, which has some new country specific games in it as well as Golf which hasn't been in the Olympics for a long time. Another cool thing is that this game will be released for both the 3DS and WiiU, but I cannot confirm if it will be a cross buy or not but chances are good.
  4. The NES Zapper is now a part of Splatoon through FREE DLC, The Zapper has been a part of Nintendo history for a long time, but now you can use it as a weapon in the WiiU Splatoon game.

Game on and Keep it Rehl!