Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.

Tony's back with a brand new game called: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. It'll be on, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and.... NOT the WiiU!? Nintendo has always been a platform of Gaming that Tony Hawk has released his games on, from the days of the Nintendo 64 to the Wii, Tony's put games on Nintendo because his brand knows they'll make money with Nintendo. But now, It looks like Tony's brand is forgetting the WiiU and focusing on what they THINK will make them a profit. I've always been a fan of Tony's games on Wii and on The Nintendo 64 as well, but now Us hardcore Nintendo Fanboys and girls don't get the next big addition to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series!? If we don't then that's simply ridiculous because Nintendo fans deserve the chance to play this game too, some people only buy WiiU, they're missing out on that market. Hopefully Activision decides to put out Tony's latest game on WiiU, otherwise I know their missing out on a market and we're not getting the game.

More info at Game Informer.

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