Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Surviving the Amiibogeddon

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

Wave four of Amiibo will be released this weekend on the 29th of May 2015, if you already know this or this information is old to you in any way, this article may still prove useful to you in some way or another. In this article I'm working with an expert Amiibo Hunter who has been hunting Amiibo since they first came out and he has a set list of tips for surviving Amiibogeddon, if you don't know what Amiibogeddon is, its a made up word referring to the camping out for Amiibo at a store or event. In this case; The Mega Nintendo Event is happening this weekend when Splatoon and the Silver Mario Amiibo are released on the 29th of May. Although not an ACTUAL event, it will be happening and here are some tips from Zat-Man to survive it:

Zat-Man's Surviving Amiibogeddon Tip list:

  1. Call your store (the one you'll be visiting for the amiibo) and explain the situation if they don't know about the amiibo's release already. Ask for the Manager and ask to set up a ticket system if they don't have one for the waiting line already set up.
  2. The night before the launch/release, ask the electronics worker/associate  if anyone has inquired about amiibo to get a rough estimate of how popular the Amiibo your after are, also to roughly get an idea of how many people you'll be competing against to try and get the amiibo your after. If no one has asked about Amiibo, your chances of claiming the amiibo for your collection are better. Try not to annoy the employee you speak with too badly.
  3. Bring proper equipment and dress accordingly. Like Blankets, snacks, 3DS, games. Try not to bring things with too much grease content in them, the greasier your hands are the harder it is to play a 3DS, and things like grease and liquid substances can get inside and ruin your console. You'll want to have a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt on hand for the cold at night.
  4. Once a line begins to form or once you join up with one, build relationships and get to know your fellow amiibo Hunters / Nintendo Enthusiasts while your waiting. Make some amiibros, whip out your 3DS and settle it in Smash!
  5. As for your store and your location, try and establish order within your line as fairly as humanly possible. remember to try and keep the peace, it'll most likely be a hectic day for everyone, but worth it to get the amiibo before they go out of stock.
  6. Thank Your store employees/associates for putting up with all of the chaos.
This conclude's Zat-Man's Amiibogeddon Tip List.

One of the things he stated which I believe is a very important tip to keep in mind is to bring proper equipment and dress accordingly. If your going to camp out at the release of anything, this is something you need to remember. Blankets, long sleeves and things to pass the time are exactly what you need when your waiting a long time for something. In my own personal opinion, I'd take SSB and Animal Crossing with me to pass the time. SSB is always fun to play when you meet up with fellow Nintendo fans, as Zat-Man said: "Make some amiibros, whip out your 3DS and settle it in Smash!" And although Animal Crossing can tend to grow boring over time, it's also very time consuming. I'll be covering the release of Splatoon, The Silver Mario Amiibo and the SSB amiibo wave four on the 28th through the 29th here. Game on and Keep it Rehl!