Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Splatoon-My opinion

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.
After the Splatoon Test-fire demo release and Splatoon Nintendo Direct, I thought I'd post my personal opinion about the upcoming WiiU game: Splatoon. Splatoon is another gaming world changing game, when Mario Kart came out it changed racing games forever, this game will change the first person shooter genre and make it more family friendly. You can
take out an opponent but they re spawn and don't die, its like a giant game of paintball but instead its about covering the playing field with ink. I believe this is great, in this day and age, we have too many bloody first person shooter games. Many have complained about the lack of voice chat in online matches, it may be just because I'm strictly local play when it comes to games, but I find that to not be a problem at all. Parents should worry about who their children are speaking to over the internet on a game console, there's less danger possible without the voice chat feature, so I believe it to be a plus rather than a negative. Also, Splatoon makes the common shooting game into a friendly activity by removing the element of blood, gore and killing to win. The Direct showed that the game doesn't have very much content right now, but updates after the games release will add to the game. The game looks awesomtacular and I plan to buy it the day of release. If you aren't convinced that its worth buying by my opinion alone, watch this Japanese trailer and you'll be hooked on Splatoon.

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