Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Splat Yogurt

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,
Check this out Gamers and people around the world, Nintendo appears to be planning to make Splatoon Yogurt. The images could be photoshopped, that's nothing new. Or Nintendo really is doing this.
 Since Splatoon was announced I've found sites and pages connect the game with snacks and drinks of many kinds. Some have found fake Splatoon promo products which are simply edited product advertisements and have shared them claiming "This has GOT to happen." well, as far as Yogurt goes, it seems that will be happening. Although pics were shared separately outside of this, the company Frozen FrÜz claims themselves that they will indeed be making Splatoon themed Yogurt. So you may not be getting that Splatoon themed Fanta anytime soon, but you may get some Splatoon Yogurt. The yogurt business appears to be a Frozen Yogurt chain of stores, how Nintendo found them and allowed them to sell Frozen Yogurt with Splatoon themes is unknown to me. So it seems that you won't get the bought-in-grocery-store-yogurt with Splatoon on the package (although we might eventually) You may find a Frozen FrÜz  close to home and desire to try out the yogurt for yourself.
Source: Frozen FrÜz
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