Monday, May 11, 2015

Sega not coming to E3

Actually, SEGA will probably be at E3, but they won't have their own booth this year. This is a huge deal because all big developers usually attend the Expo to promote their new products, SEGA not being there is surprising. Like I was saying, SEGA may have their games at other developer's booths at E3, but they won't have their own booth there. Apparently a SEGA Spokesperson confirmed with Gameinformer that they will not have a Booth at E3, this is the first time the developer has not had a Booth at E3. Now That SEGA is no longer making consoles, their focus has switched to making games for other consoles, so we can probably expect to see SEGA at Nintendo's, Microsoft's and Sony's Booths instead. That being said, Nintendo won't be bringing any new NX or Mobile Games news to E3 either. Both Developers seem to be planning big surprises for this Year's E3 event.