Friday, May 22, 2015

Nintendo working on a new Paper Mario Game? (Rumor)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere...
There is a rumor going around some Japanese message boards about the possibility of a brand new Paper Mario game in development for WiiU by Intelligent systems. The original Paper Mario is currently on Wii Virtual console, but otherwise you'd have to buy it from a garage sale somewhere or from eBay. If the rumors are true, the game could be announced at E3, some say that a Paper Mario Game for WiiU would be underwhelming and silly, I don't share that same opinion but I've never liked how the Paper series goes so very far away from the actual Super Mario story.

"are making a WiiU version now" and to say have been surprised w and because did not think to announce in No way a place likeI w rose Truly tension I wonder if to announce per E3?"~ Horrible translation of Japanese post made on Japanese Video game industry hardware board, Source.  
 Game on and keep it Rehl!