Thursday, May 7, 2015

Its official Nintendo + Universal

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.

Today I posted about the possibility of Nintendo getting theme park attractions in Universal Parks. Well, its not a possibility anymore. Sorry Gamers...... Its a FACT!! What every Nintendo fan has desired for years is now finally happening. No, something MAGICAL is happening. Nintendo will be making theme park attractions with Universal Orlando for Japan and Orlando Florida, its all 100% certified through Nintendo PR. Which means,
Its true, no rumors. I'll be making and uploading a video to Facebook talking on this subject soon.

My Theory: Nintendo could have been thinking about making theme park attractions for a long time, if you look back through their history, theres games like Nintendo Land (which is a theme park in a sense), which has many attractions, theres Mario Kart, which has Baby Park (the background is filled with Nintendo attractions and rides). And finally theres Super Mario Sunshine which has a level in it completely designed like a theme park, Pinna Park.

History lesson: Back before Nintendo conquered the Gaming industry, Universal Studios sued them for the rights to Donkey Kong, claiming that Nintendo copied King Kong. They lost the case obviously and the lawyer named Kirby (Who won the case for Nintendo) inspired Kirby's creation.

Source: Nintendo PR
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