Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ice Climber Amiibo Figure

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

I discovered this information from Reddit yesterday (May 22, 2015) but was too busy to make a post on the matter. This image of Ice Climbers Amiibo was released on May, 21, 2015 and it looks awesomtacular. Its not news anymore that ever since the release of SSB, but now a fan has taken that desire for Ice Climbers in SSB to a whole new level by making their own custom made Ice Climbers Amiibo. In fact i'd say that this Amiibo figure looks 100% real, the only thing that gives the fact that its custom away, is the base. The base is only copper, it doesn't have the SSb logo on it. Just click the picture on the left for the source of this discovery, hopefully the Ice climbers will be added to the SSB game via the SSB ballots, but I do believe the one who made these (Mast3r Sword) did an excellent job. Game on and Keep it Rehl!