Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Am Box Boy!

Sorry, I mean... YOU are Box Boy. The Game starts off with very little explanation, you don't know where you are or what your purpose is. Eventually you find out through text boxes that you can make boxes by holding down <Y> and making Tetrimino type platforms to advance in the many worlds of the game. In each world's levels you can collect solid black crowns by touching them/passing by them. When you've collected all of them within one world, you've cleared that world. You don't HAVE to collect all the crowns to complete the world but you do to for 100% completion of that world. To complete a stage, you need only to reach the end and enter through the double doors (Goal door). Within the game's shop and on the eShop, you find out that you're playing a character named Qbby, you wake up to find your world is in peril, you need to clear each level, in each world to reach a projector that shows you the world is being dissolved by black smoke from a meteorite. From that point you keep going on down the path to reach your next destination, what is described only as: the Machine. The Machine is like a giant drill with a box on top of it that (when activated by a friend you find later down the path) drills into the planet and allows Qbby to continue down the path. You soon realize that you need to reach an even bigger machine to remove the black smoke from your world. This Game came out on April 2nd and its no joke, although it came out after April Fools. This game is very humorous and fun to play, for only 4.99 its worth downloading. Although I wish it had some 3D depth. It is a 3DS game, but its not 3D... Odd... For more on Box Boy, visit: Box Boy on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.
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