Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Humble Nindie Bundle

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere,

You choose what to buy, but you don't have to pay the normal price. Yes, the Humble Bundle organization has teamed up with Nintendo to offer multiple Nindie games at cheap prices. Humble Bundle lets you choose exactly what you pay and what you get for what you pay, on their site they even allow you to buy the games with Paypal. Hurry though, this is basically a SALE and sales (even this one) has a limited amount of time set to it. This particular deal of Nindie games lasts until June 8th 2015. The coolest part of this deal is that you get more than one game for your one payment of any of the allowed price choices. OlliOlli looks fun too, But not all of the available choices look completely worth it to me in my personal opinion.
 Source: Humble Bundle                                                                               Game on and Keep it Rehl!