Thursday, May 21, 2015

The End of WiiU.....8GB model

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.
Just to let everyone know, this discovered information of the 8GB model's discontinuation is regarding the end of the model in Japan. It has been reported that on the Japanese Website for Nintendo, the WiiU (8GB Version) would soon be out of production, I understand that this may make some fans think that the WiiU is over and done for, but the president of Nintendo himself said that even after the NX console's release, Nintendo will still be making WiiU and 3DS games/products. However, I did research and discovered on the Japanese site (when translated to English) did list the 8 GB model with the label "Coming Production Scheduled End". I could not find the schedule for the production end, but I will remind you that Nintendo has a better 32 GB model which is still in production and like the NEW 3DS was released, perhaps a NEW WiiU will be released, no matter what anyone says, the fact is that Nintendo is not done with the WiiU or 3DS. Game on Gamers & Collectors. Source: Nintendo's Japan site