Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Writing for GSR

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.


On april -24- 2015  I started writing for Game/Sleep/Respawn. The site doesn't necessarily fall under my category of expertise. Although the one who founded the site gave me the position of the Nintendo Guy, I don't think everyone there is as into Nintendo as I am. Nintendo has always been a part of me. My first console was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I've tried playing other consoles and other games, I even like a few other developers games, I just prefer Nintendo because in my personal opinion, they do it better. Their products are very durable and their games are usually family friendly. With Nintendo, they know making games for specific ages lowers the sales, but when a game is made E for Everyone, everyone buys it. Nintendo made a good impression on me at a young age.


I'm a very opinionated person, I try not to be too opinionated but I can't help it sometimes. What I can't wrap my head around is that most gamers today treat Nintendo like their so-last-year or even like its horrible to even mention Nintendo unless your speaking against them. Nintendo made Gaming what it is today whether or not anyone chooses to believe it, without Mario there wouldn't be a Sonic. Gaming in America would most-likely cease to exist for a long time.

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