Monday, April 6, 2015

Will there be future MK8 DLC?

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere...

The recent announcements of MK8 updates and DLC releases have got me thinking. Will there be any future DLC releases for Mario Kart 8? This set of DLC took a while to be made and released all-together, does this mean they may not even try to make more DLC? If they do continue to make DLC for MK8 alone, they could make a steady income of cash from that one game. What I mean is, if people continue buying DLC for that one game, then it never gets old and its always new. DLC will keep the game fresh and make it so people never stop playing it. MK8 could be the NEW Mario Kart for years without a Mario Kart 9. Hopefully they do release more courses, characters and vehicles past this upcoming DLC, either way... Mario Kart 8 is Awesomtacular and I'll always be playing it. I think they should add a voting page for MK8 like they made for SSB. I also believe the Amiibo figures should do more than just unlock costumes. But whatever,
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