Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Year of Gaming

Every character/thing in this pic is either going
to have a film or rumored to have a film

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere...
What does Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario, Sonic and Tetris all have in common?? SIMPLE. Their all Video Game orientated, AND NOW, so are films. I'm dubbing this year, "The year of Gaming" Because of all the awesomtacular Gaming related things happening this year. Such as the release of PIXELS coming soon. Nintendo has also made many announcements just within this past month. Like, Super Mario's 30th anniversary and Mario Maker's connection. But in other news, rumors have been spread for a while talking about films to be released which are video game themed, such as an CGI live-action sonic film and even a Super Mario film was rumored to be made by Sony Pictures animation (that has yet to be confirmed, but is most-likely a total lie). Tetris got a rumor to be made into a film. And now I'm hearing rumors that Banjo Kazooie is a possible film from Disney (Disney loves wrecking everything). What's next for a movie rumor, PONG??? Besides all of that,  I believe this year deserves the title "The Year of Gaming" because of all the cool stuff happening (and all that's already happened) during this year for the world of Gaming.

  • Mario's 30th Anniversary
  • Pixels movie
  • Mario Maker
  • The New 3DS XL (already released)
  • The SSB Ballot online was released
  • The NX console thing was announced
  • Splatoon made the cover for EDGE magazine
  • Amiibo are Nintendo's biggest thing right now
  • The Gold Mario Amiibo was released
  • The Super Mario Amiibo line was released
  • Games are now very popular in the film industry
  • & The National Siblings day giveaway from Nintendo on Instagram  for this Friday

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