Thursday, April 16, 2015

The WORST Contest Nintendo has made in years

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.
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The Twitter (@arcadegaming01) contest held by Nintendo just last week for National Siblings Day has got to be the most airy and screwy contest I've ever entered, I don't enter many, but I wish I could've at least known who beat me in this one. The contest was announced prior to Nintendo's contest announcement (the day of) from other Nintendo news networks like My nintendo News and Nintendo news, all networks like them said the contest was on Instagram. But then we discovered on the day of the contest, it was being held on Twitter. We weren't told the official rules until later on Google Plus and then people were entering pictures way past the entry point. The contest winners were to be informed on their win, somewhere around 4/13. Now its 4/16 and we have no-idea who won or if the winner was even chosen. There has been no official winner declared/announced on Twitter by Nintendo or anywhere else by Nintendo, in fact... Nintendo hasn't said a word about the contest since National Siblings Day. I've given up on this contest, I wish I would've won. But it would've been nice to have known that I've lost too. Nintendo didn't say who won, so was there even a winner??

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