Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The NX Console

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere. 

I haven't spoken on this particular announcement since it was first announced, but Nintendo should be unveiling a new console next year. I just thought I'd give my general thoughts on this "Project NX" thing while the topic was still fresh. Well we know it's not a new 3DS or Wii, so what could it be... It could be a number of things honestly, so I'll just say what I hope it isn't. I hope it's not just another upgrade, I hope it's something 100% new. I would also want it to work with WiiU games and Wii Games, as well as previous downloads ( to keep all we already have). I also hope the whole "mobile games" feature isn't the primary feature. It would be nice if it was like an ADD-ON to the WiiU. People have been talking about Nintendo forgetting the WiiU and moving on very soon "Winding down the WiiU" . Well, if this console worked WITH the WiiU, then the WiiU wouldn't be forgotten. The Wii is already done, the WiiU shouldn't join it so soon. And I really don't want it to be just like XBox or PS4, I doubt that will ever happen though, Nintendo always does things differently than everyone else. 
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