Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Testing grounds

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere.

I read today that the UK is getting the Mii costumes DLC for SSB this week. Why is it that Japan and The UK always usually get products first, its kinda' like Nintendo tests out its products closer to home before sending them over seas to NOA. Well, I think its about time that changes, we should get the NX first, they should see how well the console sells over here in the USA and then send it over to Japan after that. I don't mean this to be something Nintendo defiantly should do, its just something I would really like Nintendo to do. How come they can't just ship out a lot of the same products everywhere? How come the UK gets this DLC first? How Come Japan gets the regular N3DS and we just get the XL version (I'm OK with this). It's just that Us Americans like Nintendo too, how come we don't get the DLC this week??
Game on Gamers & Collectors.