Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nintendo's SSB National Siblings Day Contest (The top WORST entries)

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere..
The Twitter Contest from Nintendo (@ARCadeGaming01) was a huge deal, well kinda'. First, we were told by My Nintendo News, Nintendo News and a bunch of others that the Awesomtacular "National SIBLINGS Day" SSB (4) 3DS was on Instagram, then on the day of the event,
we're told on Instagram that the contest is being held on Twitter than themselves. The entry opportunity for this contest is over now, but we won't know who won until Monday. The pic on the left is one of the many entries... Unfortunately its not a valid entry to the contest at all. The picture's caption read: "We don't have a 3DS, but we could have one." The 3DS is photoshopped in. The contest rules were listed during the contest on Google Plus, saying "You must be PLAYING SSB for 3DS with your siblings in the photo." Most of the photos entered in the contest were ridiculously rule breaking. So all-in-all, there's only around 15-20 total valid photo entries in the contest.

 Picture number TWO is a VALID picture for the contest, But any serious Nintendo fan knows not to advertise the rival developers (like Atari) in a Nintendo contest.

Pic number 3 is a goofy one, and is not at all an entry, this is to men copying what their fighters are doing in SSB for WiiU. This photo has very poor lighting and style to it. Not to judge, but some of the contest entry's were just plain dumb.

Pic number four is another that couldn't possibly qualify to enter the contest, this man isn't playing SSB for 3DS and he basically took selfies with his baby holding a Game Cube remote. 

 Pic number five is not a qualifying entry, not only because their not playing the 3DS version of the game or playing together, but because it was posted today and the entry time was from 7:00 a.m. PT on 4/10/15 and ended at 12:00 a.m. PT on 4/11/15

Picture 6 is pretty much exactly like picture 5, in fact it was also posted today and in my personal guidelines, It doesn't follow the rules of the contest at all.


Pic's 7 and 8 are excellent examples of people that did not read all the instructions before entering the contest.  I'm surprised how many pictures entered in the contest were just plain dumb, I don't mean to judge people or to say rude and hurtful things. I just don't think these pictures were very well taken or made with the official contest rules in mind.

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