Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nintendo's not forgetting the WiiU

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere...
Just as the title saysNintendo isn't giving up on the Wii-U just yet.
Just today I found out that a pro game critic said Nintendo will give up on the Wii U and move on very soon, well in today's Nintendo Direct; Nintendo showed us this: 

Nintendo will release this app/game for demoing their classic games on Wii U!! Yes, the WiiU is still getting apps and games, well that's odd. If they are finishing up with the Wii U, then its going out with a BANG! Tons of more games and content, well... I personally don't think the WiiU is done just yet. So shut your mouths HATERS!! I'm sick of Nintendo having to prove everyone wrong. And they do, with WiiU. It IS NEXT GEN, That's all there is to it.

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