Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MK8 DLC set 2 comes out tomarrow

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere. 

DLC Pack available tomorrow
The second set of DLC comes out for Mario Kart 8 tomorrow. It features Animal Crossing and an extra F-Zero track. It also has many other additions such as extra vehicles and characters. If you pre-purchased like me then you'll probably be able to download it with no extra cost. I got the bundle package so I expect to get it tomorrow morning. Along with the DLC comes the ability to play 200cc. This is the first Mario Kart game you can play with this difficulty setting. Which makes this game a game filled with firsts. 200cc, antigravity, animal crossing drivers, Link racing and HD Mario Kart. A whole lot of firsts for this Mario Kart game. Tell me what your excited to experience with the new DLC and what DLC you want to be added to the game next in the comments.

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