Friday, April 17, 2015

3DS sales in general have increased by 80%

Hey Gamers and Collectors everywhere...
3DS sales in general have increased by 80 percent. This includes the N3DSXL and the regular 3DS consoles as well. With that in mind, the total WiiU sales have also increased but only by 20 percent.
 Why is the 3DS doing so much better in sales than the WiiU, the WiiU is getting less upgrades than the 3DS, the New 3DS has WiiU capabilities yes. but the N3DSXL has so many more appealing features on it. The WiiU already has Amiibo and dual screens, so what does Nintendo need to get the attention the WiiU needs to increase in sales by 80 percent. It appears the WiiU isn't as big of a sucess as it should be, it may end up like the Gamecube, it was an epic fail and now its a highly desired console. The N3DSXL seems to have increased Nintendo's sales significantly since it was released, hopefully the WiiU can get some more sales before next month. Go out and buy a WiiU. AND Mario Kart 8, NOW!!!
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