Saturday, March 21, 2015

My hopes for Nintendo's Future

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Although its been a while since AC New Leaf was released, I still think its worth adding DLC to. Although the whole NEW ITEMS FROM JAPAN version idea was okay, I still don't think it adds to the game very much. It would be awesomtacular if Nintendo added to AC New Leaf through DLC, some free and some just not-too-expensive. I think it would make people wanna' keep playing it even though its been almost two years since the game came out. I think they should add more basic playful activities like Nintendo games within the game and sledding in Winter, that would be nice.


I think that the whole "being able to work with a bunch of different games" thing is really cool, but I think it would be also cool if there was a free app that worked with ALL Amiibo. That way you could buy all the Amiibo you wan't and still be able to use them all no matter what games you have because they all work with the app.


I hope Nintendo will make more Mii related games and apps that treat the Mii's as though their the avatar of you and let you play almost similar to that of AC New Leaf.


I hope Nintendo will make more games with the ability to take in-game screenshots now that the N3DSXL is out, that would be awesomtacular and give the customer more freedom to share their Nintendo experiences with the world.

"Project NX"

This console sounds completely different from Nintendo's usual Consoles, but I think it'll do well. I just hope they don't put this out and completely forget the WiiU but instead have the NX and the WiiU work together in some ways, like sharing content and benefiting the other consoles speed and other basic features. I have a feeling that they began developing all this because of the past two years of Hate from people who thought Nintendo should be more like Sony and Microsoft.

All for now, Game On Gamers!