Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lacking ADS

The New 3DS XL has had little to no Advertising or promotional announcements. Seems like after the New 3DS XL (N3DSXL) came out its barely had any effect in the Gaming world at all. What I mean is, I didn't get tons of notifications or updates from much of anything saying "Yay, the N3DSXL is out!!" instead, all I got was some basic unboxing vids. Where's all the adds and promotional videos and crazy weird Nintendo commercials!? Come on, its like they forgot to make ADS all together. I know the console is Awesomtacular already, but I'd really like to have some more ads making me want to get it. That may sound weird but isn't weird that the console doesn't have a lot of ADS to begin with? To me thats just odd. Nintendo normally puts out tons of ads every year for their new products, but this year we obviously didn't get as many ads for the New 3DS or anything else related to it. Maybe their saving the surprises for this years E3. But thats still a ways away from now.